Posted by: puckdrawn | February 3, 2009

In depth look at the Capitals rebranding over the years


  1. Even without an update in almost a month, Chris’ website is still better than this one. I’ll check back here in a month to see if it has improved.

  2. I’ve only been reading this site since you posted the link on Icethetics’ comments, and already there’s been a number of new posts. don’t burn yourself out, man, that’s what happened to Chris.

    you do one post a day that occupies 5 minutes of time, you’ll make this thing last a long, long time.

    good luck!

  3. John Schmidt:
    even though you probably did a hit and run comment and probably won’t read this, my response to your comment is: I really don’t care if you like it or not. I created this site for my own enjoyment and for those who DO like it. I’m not trying to be better than Icethetics. I like Chris’ site a lot and it inspired me to create this one. My site is different in many ways – one of which is – I won’t be posting every sub-par concept that comes into my inbox. And I won’t be doing head to head logo polls. I like the more in-depth stuff. So if it’s not your thing, don’t come back. Another thing to consider is, we’re in the middle of the season and there really won’t be a lot of new information or new designs floating around, so most of my stuff has been through hard research.

    John Baranowski:
    most of this stuff was bookmarked and ready to roll out right away. in the near future, i won’t be posting more than one or two items a day. i didn’t want to start a new blog with very little content, so i front loaded it. hopefully you stop back every day.

  4. puckdrawn has been added to my bookmarks toolbar, i’ll be checking back, I hope you’ll keep this site going.

    don’t give in to the haters, listen to the complainers when it’s constructive criticism, and when you have the big fans, don’t let it go to your head. Good luck, you got something good going here.

    quick question: do you have a template for those standing-player concepts?

  5. John:
    As long as the updates don’t start becoming stale, I plan on keeping the site going. I don’t mind the haters and if I ever get a big head over a hockey art blog, you have permission to crosscheck me from behind without warning. As for the template for the standing player concepts, I’ll look into it and see if I can track them down. If I find something, I’ll post a link here at the blog.

  6. John:
    I didn’t come across any decent uniform templates (that were editable) other than this one:

    You can always hit up the designer of the standing hockey players to see if he’ll hook you up with a blank eps file. His website:

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