Posted by: puckdrawn | February 4, 2009

Glenn Anderson commemorative jersey


An article in the Edmonton Journal features artist Janet Deane, who was commissioned by Glenn Anderson, to create a beautiful comemmorative jersey to highlight his career.

Each part of the jersey depicts a different milestone in Anderson’s hockey career.

Just above the front hemline, there’s an image of the young player practising on the rink his father built.

On the back, the right-winger is hoisting one of the five Stanley Cups he helped the Oilers collect.

Read the full article here.



  1. This is AMAZING. I am a huge Glenn Anderson fan. I just found out his blogging for a brand new site…maybe you could show this there?? I dunno…but its call Check it out if you are a fan too, he wrote some great stuff in the first blog i read.

  2. Thanks Annabell for your comment!
    I enjoyed creating Glenn’s “JAC -Jersey Art Collectible™” Each time I added a milestone or achievment, I was amazed at his accomlishments! The “where JAC?” card that came with the Jersey had 19 hidden facts that the fans had to find. I can see why you are a fan of Glenns….he really was an amazing NHLer. It really was an honor for me as an artist to create this keepsake! Keep your eyes and ears open for more JAC’s!

    Thank you “Puckdrawn” – Janet Deane

  3. It’s a great piece of artwork, Janet. 🙂

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