Posted by: puckdrawn | February 5, 2009

Hockey Jersey Concept Templates

I have been contacted by a few people asking me if I have jersey/uniform design templates so that they can create their own concept designs. Well, I searched a bunch of places and found some good stuff.  Two vector images and one .gif file.  You’ll need a vector editing program like Adobe Illustrator to make proper changes to the .ai and .eps files.  Be sure to open up all of the layer folders in the vector images because there are many hidden layers which will alter the way you want your final creation to look like. All of these template images are linked out to those who created them or to where they have stored them.

If you know other (better) template files, feel free to send me a link or email directly!

UPDATE: has a nice collection of sports jersey templates. There are CCM and Reebok Edge templates in Photoshop and Illustrator formats.

NHL vector team logos HERE. (Though, not so terribly current)

If you come up with some concepts, feel free to send them here.  As a designer, I find it hard to look at most concepts because of their poor quality, so I’ll just be posting the best ones that come in.  There are lots of sites that will post pretty much any concept submission, such as or Both VERY good sites, but I think you get better submissions if you just post the designs that are above average. Makes people try harder. Just my opinion.


St. Patty’s Vector Hockey Template


Roger Clemente’s Hockey V.2

Hockey Uniform Template

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  1. Hello! It seems that the St. Patty’s link is dead…

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