Posted by: puckdrawn | February 8, 2009

Here’s what’s wrong with your jersey – Atlantic division

New Jersey Devils

devils_darkdevils_whiteWell, you’ve done at least one thing right in your history when it comes to uniforms: you got rid of your Christmas color scheme. Nothing says “tough” like a colors that you see EVERYWHERE in December. Never ever use red and green because it will always be associated with Christmas. I can’t complain too much about the Devils’ current jerseys though. I respect them for not using that boring Reebok EDGE cookie cutter template design that most teams have used. They kept their classic look and I have a feeling that a lot of teams will move away from the boring template look.  The Devils don’t have a third jersey and I’m convinced it’s because most people from New Jersey can’t COUNT to three. Oh, I’m kidding! It’s a classic jersey.
Home/Road –

New York Rangers

rangers_darkrangers_whiteOh, check it out! The Rangers jersey has a lace-up collar – as if it’s some sort shoe that’s gonna fall off in the middle of a game. What’s the deal with the laces? *Seinfeld voice*   You’re tied down with your fight strap in the back and now you have to be all snuggled up tight at the neck? I’ll never understand that concept. Now just pull on a pair of Cooperalls and call it a day. Other than that, the Rangers jersey is a classic and has been one of my favorites since I started watching hockey as a kid. If it weren’t for the fact that my family would disown me for buying ANYTHING New York, I’d have me a sweet Messier custom!
Home/Road –

Philadelphia Flyers

flyers_darkflyers_whiteflyers_altThey could easily have the best uniforms in the league if they ditched the black, went back to orange and created a home/road based off of the retro design. Make the black your third if you really have to have black. But unfortunately, that’s not the case right now.  Their jerseys aren’t that bad right now, but at best they are a C+ or B-.  I don’t like the sleeve design because there’s something odd about the way the pattern intersects at the elbow. Makes it look like elbow patches. The only person that can pull off an elbow patch is Sam Malone. Wonderful jackets they were, Sammy.  I don’t like the thin piping that goes from the armpits to the neck. If you’re gonna have stripes, make them big and bold!  The retro third is a classic and hopefully they use it full time as rumored to be happening next year on
Home/Road –
C+ or B-

Third –

Pittsburgh Penguins

penguins_dark1penguins_whitepenguins_altAwwww! Baby Blue? That’s aDORABLE! Their home/roads are fine. Can’t go wrong with the tradition of black and gold. They are only one of two teams that are allowed to have black jerseys. Nothing special about them.
Home/Road –

Third –

New York Islanders

islanders_darkislanders_white2islanders_altThis once proud franchise can not seem to do ANYTHING right when it comes to jerseys. Formally great uniforms replaced by dark blue, then to be replaced by the fishsticks guy and wavey jersey, then to this weird Reebok template with no success. Thin stripes, wide stripes, shoulder piping and laces. Wow. BUT, they did get something right with their latest third. Back to the classic look with big bold stripes. I wouldn’t change anything other than, yes, get rid of the shoelaces.
Home/Road –

Third – B


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