Posted by: puckdrawn | February 10, 2009

Quick Hit


Russ Chibe notes that the RBK logo has been showing up on a few NHL goalie masks — not as a small maker’s mark, but as a part of the design. “As a very, VERY amateur graphic designer, I couldn’t imagine including a corporate logo unless expressly told to do so,” he writes. “This makes me wonder if Reebok is trying to cut deals with goalies (or the NHL itself) to get its mark on the masks, as if it’s not everywhere else already.”

I agree, as a designer, I would NEVER want to incorporate a large corporate logo into my design. There’s only so much space to work with on a goalie mask, and then to add a Reebok logo in there? … sheesh.  I’m just waiting on the day when a corporate logo is incorporated into the crest design of an NHL jersey … and it’ll be Reebok … Ugh.

1960sjerseyAnd over at, they do a great photo essay on the history of Team Canada jerseys. It’s from 2007, but it is still worth a look. Some real nice lookin’ sweaters!


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