Posted by: puckdrawn | February 13, 2009

High school goalie and his unique hockey-pad design

hockey1Now you don’t see this every day. Usually the focus on goalie equipment design starts and stops with the goalie mask. Well a kid from high school has upped the ante. His hockey pads, blocker and glove are painted to look like a hockey net so it blends in with the REAL net. Hey, if you’ve got a five-hole the size of a Zamboni, you’d better come up with another way to get your goals against average down! Actually, this is very clever and I’m surprised nobody has thought of it before. I wonder if that would fly in the NHL.

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  1. i hope they don’t allow it, as a player i wanted to tape my stick blade with stripes of white and black tape so that the goalie couldn’t focus on the puck much, i was told by the league i wasn’t allowed as it was unfair to the goalies. this seems like it’s deception towards players and refs (imagine when there’s a scrum at the net and the ref can’t figure out what’s what from an odd angle)

    and is it just me, or those pads look FRIGGIN HUGE on that kid?

  2. as a player on a AAA team i think that i doesent matter what the goalie wears its still the same person under the equment.

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