Posted by: puckdrawn | February 18, 2009

Have you seen this sweater?

ba3c52434e7ea0fa2248e10d6d45The folks over at are doing a documentary about their quest to find a sweater from Hamilton’s only NHL team, the Hamilton Tigers. Hopefully they find this gem because having a whole documentary about a quest to find a sweater – with no payoff at the end – would be pretty lame. The image of the desired sweater over on differs from the one on the RedCanoeProductions page, so who knows which one is more desirable? Perhaps any sweater will do. I happen to like the sweater with the on-ice official stripes and adorable tiger looking thing.


In 2005, Sports Illustrated listed a Hamilton Tigers hockey sweater as one of the top 25 lost sports treasures. We did a little research and soon discovered that a local Hamiltonian named Angelo Savelli once owned a Tigers jersey. Savelli, a well-known collector in the collector world, had a Tigers jersey in his storefront window in the early 90’s. An American that used to frequent his store every year or so came up and purchased the jersey for a mere $500. Angelo doesn’t remember the guy’s name or where he was from. And the jersey hasn’t been seen since…

Click HERE for the full story over at RedCanoeProductions.


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