Posted by: puckdrawn | February 25, 2009

More quick hits

imagesRangers logo flap. It seems as though reporters are catching some shit about walking on the Rangers logo in the locker room. I’ll never understand why walking on the logo is such a big deal when all you have to do is NOT PUT A LOGO ON THE FLOOR. I know all about respect and protocol and all that stuff, but damn, American Flags are not supposed to touch the ground, so if you want the same respect for your hockey logo, don’t make it part of the carpet, fools. – Link To Full Story Here.Mick Kern on XM204 also has a good take on this whole hub-bub.

The Hockey News wants you to vote on the best goalie mask design. Have fun with all that. I’m kinda bored with the whole voting and polls thing, but with lacking in updates for the poll-zombies, this might be something to hold them over until the next hockey logo poll update over there.

3307144266_b12b840cae_oSome AHL news from over on … “The (Norfolk, AHL) Admirals unveiled third jerseys virtually identical to those worn by the original ECHL Admirals team in 1989. These are a big hit with the fans, a majority of whom seem to dislike the current uniforms.”

This uniform is an absolute beauty! Blue and gold just work so well together. Great uniform, great logo. I’d like to own one of these!



  1. This is a big improvement. i dont like the ship eather.

  2. My first exposure to the Admirals current uniform was playing Be A Pro on NHL 09, and was horrified that a team took the ice every night wearing those things. That new jersey is a huge step forward for the team’s look.

  3. Looks like the Bruins and Sabres mated. They have nice looking children.

  4. I wonder what a jersey would look like if the Slug and the Hurricanes logos mated. YIPES!

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