Posted by: puckdrawn | February 26, 2009

Just for Fun – Asia League logos!

As always, I find myself surfing all over the Internets looking for interesting logo/jersey/design news and images as they pertain to hockey. I came across a link for the Asia League and was instantly drawn to the team logos. A couple nice ones and a couple that made me shake my head. It’s a Thursday, real news is slow, so here goes nothin’.

a_logoAnyang Halla Ice Hockey Club
Founded in 1994 with the aim to promote winter sports and enhance the popularity of ice hockey in Korea. Its original name was “ Mando Winia” named after Mando Machinery, a major sub-company of the Halla Group, and “ Winia” , the brand name of an air conditioner that Mando was producing. It was renamed to Halla Winia in 1998.
While having won Korea Ice Hockey League 5 times, the Halla Winia finished in 3rd place in the Asia League 2003-2004. They moved their base to Anyang City and changed the team name to Anyang Halla two seasons ago.

s_logoChina Sharks
Reorganized in 2007 as an integrated team of Hosa and Changchun Fuao, both played in the Asia League until 2006-2007. Under the management of Chinese Ice Hockey Association, players were selected from the two teams to form the new team. Being sponsored by Hosa Sports, they started preparation towards the League opening.
Meanwhile, as a result of negotiation between the Chinese Association and San Jose Sharks, a NHL team, the Sharks agreed to send 5 players and 3 coaches to the Chinese team. With the transfer of the team naming rights from Hosa to the Sharks, the team name was changed to China Sharks.

h_logoHigh1 Ice Hockey Team
Founded in 2004 by Kangwon Land, which manages casinos, resort hotels, and ski and golf resorts in Kangwon-do, Korea. After playing for one season in the Korea League, Kangwon Land joined the Asia League in 2005. The team consists of players who used to play for former Korea League teams such as Tongwon and Hyundai but did not transfer to Anyang Halla, those who demobilized from military service, and 5 foreign players.
In 2006-2007, with Tomohito Okubo playing for, they made a breakthrough to advance to Play-Off semi-final. They have changed their name to High1 Ice Hockey Team, named after the brand name of ski and golf resorts that their owner company newly developed in the expansion of their business.

i_logoHC Nikko Icebucks
Founded in 1998 as the first club team in Japanese top ice hockey league, after its forerunner Furukawa Denko Ice Hockey Team ended up their 73 years of history. For the first two seasons, players were on loan from Furukawa Denko Co. Ltd. under an employment contract.
Now the team consists of professional players and endears themselves to local fans. With management transfer to a new company this season, their team name has turned back to its original, HC Nikko Icebucks, from Nikko Kobe Icebucks.
In the Play-off round last season, the Icebucks advanced to the semi-final after beating Oji Paper, ranked higher in Regular League, then finished the season in 4th place overall.

c_logoNippon Paper Cranes
Founded in 1949 as Jujo Paper Ice Hockey Team in their Kushiro factory, but did not join the Japan League until its 9th season in 1974. In 1993, the team was renamed to Nippon Paper Cranes in accordance with the change of their corporate name.
After years of stagnation, the Cranes won the Asia League 2003-2004, the first title in their history, and became the first Asia League champion. In 2006-2007, they won the Play-off final to take their second league championship. The Cranes also won All Japan Championship for the second straight season.

o_logoOji Eagles
Formed in 1925 as Oji Skating Club by the employees working at Oji Paper Tomakomai Mill, then started their team history as Oji Eagles by participating in various competitions including All Hokkaido Corporate Ice Hockey. In 1931, the Eagles having gained recognition of the company for their improved ability was reorganized to Oji Paper Ice Hockey Team. Since their first victory in the 3rd All Japan Championship in 1932, they have captured 34 times All Japan and 13 times Japan League titles, and become the leading team in Japanese Ice Hockey in terms of both their history and overall record.

pr_logoSeibu Prince Rabbits
Founded in 1972 as Kokudo Keikaku Ice Hockey Team based in Karuizawa. In their third season, they won the 9th Japan League. Since then, they have been Japan League winners 13 times and All Japan Championship winners 10 times. In every Asia League season so far, they have competed in the Play-off round with 2-time victory.
They moved their base to Shinagawa in 1984, to Shin-Yokohama in 1991, and to Nishi-Tokyo in 2003, having Shin-Yokohama and Nagano as a semi-franchise. They were renamed to SEIBU Prince Rabbits last season with the restructuring of the company.

Are these not the most adorable hockey logos you’ve ever seen? First off, I’m surprised that the Prince Rabbits didn’t just go all out and name themselves the Mighty Hello Kittys of Nishi-Tokyo. I’m diggin’ the Oji Eagles the best out of the bunch. I’d like to add one of their jerseys to my collection. Ice Bucks logo looks like something cheezy from Bud Light or Miller Ice … or dare I say … ZIMA!  It really is zomething different. The China Sharks logo is just as lame as the San Jose Sharks logo. That Cranes logo? WTF? As for the High 1 logo, I’m fully prepared to say that that stick is comin’ right at me! Watch out! Finally there’s Anyang Halla … Grrrrr!



  1. I love looking at the logos in obscure leagues around the world too. The China Sharks logo is the exact same shark from the old AHL Cleveland Barons except the China logo is in a hockey uniform and the Cleveland logo is in a Baron. I guess they both got almost the exact same sharks in their logos because both team parents were the San Jose Sharks. The Barons used the logo from 2002/03 – 2005/06 before moving to Worcester and taking the old SJ Sharks logo.

    Here’s the Cleveland Barons logo:

  2. FYI, that link does not work …

    But I do love the Cleveland Barons logo and uniform. One of my favorites!

  3. Oh… the link works for me, maybe this is better:

    I never knew about the china sharks keeping that logo alive after the Barons left to become the sharks, thats really cool since it’s a great logo. Without the Chinese letters, that logo was probably considered for being Worcester’s new logo until San Jose updated their original logo giving the old version to them to use instead.

  4. Lots of logos in today are just a mess. i mean some are ok but lots have way too much going on for them. I noticed that lots of the Lesser leauges all put a Puck or Hockey stick on there logos. I hate that.

    I love the bunny! LOL

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