Posted by: puckdrawn | February 26, 2009

Philadelphia Phantoms unveil another specialty jersey

In what seems like a weekly thing to honor the Philadelphia Spectrum, which will be torn down after this season to make room for Philly Live (shopping/restaurants/bars, etc), the Phantoms have unveiled the “Spectrum” jersey. I like this one much more than the Broad Street Bullies specialty jersey they recently released. After the game, the Phantoms will be auctioning off the jerseys. Source and more info:





  1. And the Phantoms’ front office doth spake that from now on all players will where uniform PJs whilst skating in all ice hockey competitions.

  2. Interesting that jersey look like the CCM cut. i like it. but im not sure about the rainbow on it.

  3. Well, without the rainbow, it wouldn’t be a jersey that commemmorates the Spectrum. The Spectrum logo is pretty much that rainbow. You can see that logo on the bottom back of the jersey.

  4. I like that better than their regular jerseys!

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