Posted by: puckdrawn | February 26, 2009

Worst Logos – Eastern Conference

Well the votes are in and nobody in the hockey world should be surprised at these results. The Buffalo Sabres have the worst logo in the Eastern Conference. (And I’m pretty sure they would easily win the worst logo of the entire league). I’m not sure what they were thinking when they approved this “slug” design and I’m shocked that it lasted this long. There is talk of it going away completely next year and the fans of Buffalo (and good design) couldn’t be happier. Pay no mind to those who like it, and those who play devils advocate, that say that the jersey sales prove that it’s not that bad of a logo. Well sports fans will pretty much ALWAYS buy the newest jersey or item with the updated logo on it. But reality sets in and the fans of Buffalo want their classic logo back full-time! Give the fans what they want!

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Coming in second (which is actually my most hated logo in all of hockey) is the Carolina Hurricanes. This logo is just a mess in every way. One thing that is beyond cliche in the design world is the “swoosh” element. Well, the ‘Canes certainly have their bases covered on this one. With a total of three swooshes in one logo, the Hurricanes have cemented their place in trendy, 1990’s cliche logo history. Problem is, even with the trendy swooshes, this logo sucked from the very beginning. I’m a fan of hockey logos that can be identified from a mile away like the classics, but this one misses on all marks. Word of advice for expansion teams: Don’t name your team after a weather pattern. (See here, here, and  here). There’s just no way around a bad logo when you have this limitation.

And coming in in third place is the Atlanta Thrashers – which I don’t get at all. The only thing I dislike about their logo – and this includes all teams that do this – is the inclusion of the hockey stick in the design. We get it. You’re a hockey team. Other than that flaw, I think this is a really nice looking logo. Great form, great color scheme, tough looking and portrays fast movement in my eyes. I don’t get what people don’t like, but the votes are the votes. With 48 votes, this is highly scientific!


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