Posted by: puckdrawn | February 27, 2009

Goalie Mask Design History

3308553466_364828c3d4_oOutstanding piece about goalie mask design history over at I wish I had more time to read it all before I head to work, but it will make good reading when I’m on lunch, eating my ham sammich.

The first recorded instance of a mask being worn in a hockey game by a goaltender came in the late-1920s. There is some debate as to who was first, but we’ll start with the first instance as recorded by the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Hall features an unidentified North American goaltender protecting the net in Switzerland wearing a baseball catcher’s mask. However, there is a photo from 1927 of Elizabeth Graham donning a fencer’s mask in a game for Queen’s University. As to which was first, there is no certainty, but the late-1920s was definitely the first era to have goalies were primitive masks.

Read the whole thing HERE.



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  2. Well…that entire article and the Hockey News Special Edition ripped off the excellent 2008 book Saving Face: The Art and History of the Goalie Mask.

    And not even a mention. Tsk.

  3. Are you saying that the text has been ripped of verbatim? I haven’t seen or read that book you mentioned, but just because two different people write about goalie masks, doesn’t mean one is ripping off the other.

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