Posted by: puckdrawn | February 27, 2009

Icethetics shuts its doors till summer…


In what has to be the bummer of the morning, has shut its doors until the summer. I can understand not having site updates on a daily basis in the middle of the season since most of the logo/jersey news comes in the offseason, but to shut the site down completely is a little weird. But hey, maybe people will think of coming here first. However, I don’t have sources who could leak me images or inside info, so that leaves me with scouring the Internet for the news or updates. But tracking down stuff is fun for me and it allows me to take a break from my real job. I guess Chris bit off a little more than he could chew – which is not a slam – but judging by some of his posts, he was a real busy guy. Hopefully Icethetics can make a strong comeback in the summer when the logo redesigns and third jersey news kicks in again. Having said all that, I’d hope that you stop by here once a day for your daily dose of hockey design. I’m starting to get submissions, so the concepts section will be heating up very soon. There’s a message board for you guys to chat amongst yourselves, there will be jersey collector features and all kinds of other things that I find interesting in the world of hockey design. If you want me to post some sort of logo/jersey poll I will, but that gets kind of tired quick. Besides Icethetics did it already and did it well.

Send in your concepts, get chatting in the forum, email me your leaked images/news or just enjoy reading the site.

– Johnny Griswold.



  1. If I were Chris, I’d be tired of the non-stop whining too

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