Posted by: puckdrawn | February 27, 2009

Shameless Plug/Concept

usalogoI have NO problems with self-promotion or shameless plugs, but today I’ll call it a jersey concept with a hidden plug for my band. The graphic to the left is a logo that I created for my band, American Speedway. I’ve always felt it would make a good crest on a hockey jersey. So I went over to to see how much it would cost for a custom American Speedway jersey. Well, it turns out that to have a Rangers jersey, customized with my band logo and lettered/numbered, would cost me about $300 for just one. A little pricey to say the least, so I’ll wait until this website turns a  profit and then I’ll go get my jersey. (*holding breath* *turning blue*)

I think it would look pretty sweet even though there are two things that I hate that are incorporated into the final product. 1.) It’s a stinkin’ Rangers jersey blank! 2.) I loathe neck laces. However, it still looks badass and eventually I will have me one. But the crest would be screenprinted … which is a bummer.  If you can create this for me for closer to $200, where the crest is embroidered/twill, hit me up!

Now for the shameless plug:

If you like rock and roll along the lines of Motorhead/Supersuckers/Speedealer, then check out American Speedway (link). If not, then maybe go check out some swing music, ya trendy poser.




  1. You could probably pick up a generic Ranger’s jersey on eBay for really cheap and get a local shop to make a logo patch. I know there is at least one place in Philly that does that sort of work. You’d have to put in more effort on your end, but it’ll save you a pile of money.

  2. Holy smokes “Thin Grizzy” that is awesome. Since I hate everything on the radio today, I found some cool stuff here. Rock, Hockey, Uni’s – a few of my favorite things.

  3. What’s better than rock and hockey? Ok, besides girls. haha

  4. Link, what’s the name of the place in Philly that you’re referring to?

  5. I’ll have to dig through some stuff and see if I still have the purchase information around here somewhere. They did some work for me back in early 2006, and I think I might have proofs around here somewhere. I moved in between then, down to TN, so there is a chance it got lost. If I come across it, I will be sure to forward the info on to you.

  6. cool, thanks

  7. I just had some jersey’s made. The crest was emboidered, $100 initial set up and $30 per jersey. That is canadian $ too.

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