Posted by: puckdrawn | March 5, 2009

Jersey Fail

Wow! Sean from sent in a bunch of awful lookin’ jerseys and they fail BIG time! There are just way too many to post all at once, so here’s a few of them to hold you over until I find time to upload them all on Fotki or Photobucket. I’m totally LOL-ing.

austinicebats97-98wphlThis one from the Austin Ice Bats is just way out there. I’m not up on my Ice Bats history, and I don’t know if this is just a specialty jersey or third jersey, but it is just pretty bad. It has all the elements of a great design. I mean, you’ve got the patriotic theme going with the red white and blue colors, the star, and the stripes. And then, you know, a GIANT BAT. Not only is it a badass bat, but it has a red nose and red eyes so you KNOW not to fuck with it … for it is high AND drunk. And I love the gap tooth. Perhaps a stray puck got the better of him. Or maybe he lost a fight with a bigger and badder Ice Bat. FAIL!

lvwranglers0607astroslookalikeOh look at this thing. It’s like the Astros but … different. I love a lot of the uniform designs of the 70’s, but damn, some elements should just be forgotten about completely. Take for example the orange and orange and orange stripes. Good lord. And ya gotta love that cowboy! Nothin’ says fast like speed lines! Or are they whiskers? Here’s a bit of information for you cheapskate teams: Go find a freelance graphic designer on Craigslist to design your logos. I mean, there are people who are willing to low-ball each other just to get work and they WILL do a better job than this. I promise. When the team was trying to figure out what the logo was gonna look like and who was gonna design it, the meeting probably went something like this: “Oh, guys, I got it covered. My cousin has Photoshop.” FAIL.

Many, many more jersey fails to share with you and once I get them all uploaded – hopefully in the next day or two – I’ll be sure to post the link here on the front page. Of course I’ll get the message out via Twitter and Facebook.


Also, check out his goalie mask art that Sean sent in. I thought maybe it was airbrushed, but he tells me it’s just water based paint and that he didn’t know what he was doing! Looks pretty damned good to me. I’ve seen pros with designs that aren’t this good.

Sean sent me a link to his jersey collection. Check it out HERE.

Also, be sure to check out Seans tattoo website. Some good stuff over there.



  1. WOW love the Goalie Mask.. What all did you use on it and how are you protecting the finish to make it shine? i have a couple of Maskes that i did not as good as yours but i woud love to protect them with a clear coat of some sort and maybe fix then up a bit. if i take photos ill send them in.

  2. i used waterbased paint markers from sharpie. theyre really hard to blend. i was wishing i used an airbrush. or knew how to use one. i used krylon acrylic crystal clear satin to finish it. i would advise agains it tho. it made the white a little transparent. just like it did to one of my pastel drawings i busted my ass on. i think a gloss finish would look better that satin. look at the pros. theyre are super shiny.

  3. I uses Acrylic paints on mine and Sharpie markers for the black on a Potvin ( Kings ) mask that i did. do you think that Krylon stuff will be good with it.?

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