Posted by: puckdrawn | March 5, 2009

Predators Third Jersey News

Here’s a little bit of news regarding the Predators upcoming third jersey from an article in the Nashville Tennessean:

The Predators will offer a series of benefits for ticket-holders who commit to the 2/20 plan prior to April 17, one of which will be the team’s new third jersey expected to be released for the 2009-10 season.

Lang declined to reveal specific colors or designs for the new third jersey, but said that it’s currently going through the NHL approval process and should be available for viewing during the offseason.



  1. This is a big change from all the mystery and excitement that lead up to the unveiling of the third jerseys for this season. I’m excited to see what my guys put together though…

  2. I really like the Preds jerseys, so lets hope they don’t unveil a black third! I think it’d be cool for new teams to introduce third jerseys that would be like a fake throwback. A concept of what it would look like if they were around in the 70s.

  3. We’d look like fools wearing black… My big thing is that I’d like to see an alternate color scheme, but I’d settle for a throw back style jersey. Being a young team can have some major advantages in the world of jersey design. You aren’t going to have a bunch of folks complaining that its too “new-fangled.”

  4. What do you think about that secondary Predator logo? The one where he’s comin’ right at ya with big ol fang teeth? I hope that’s not part of their new third jersey. That logo was terrible.

  5. I resist the desire to slap the teeth out of anyone who thinks that logo is/was better. That being said, the Pred mustards just wouldn’t have looked right without the 3-d style logo. And, no, I don’t live on this site… I just have a long break between my classes on Thursday and I’m really bored.

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