Posted by: puckdrawn | March 6, 2009

Jersey Fail

kcottonkings_holland_hawaii_fr-viSome would call this EPIC! The link below – submitted by Sean Cox – showcases some of the worst lookin’ jerseys on the planet. Some are famous FAILS, such as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim’s “Wild Wing” jersey. Others are new to me, like that damn Patriotic Bat jersey that the Austin Ice Bats put out. Wow. Still shaking my head on that one.

The photos are hosted on Fotki, so if there’s a problem with the link, let me know.

Click here to view the jerseys … in all their Epic Fail glory.



  1. that team pic of the orange and green thumbs down are called the humiliation. i think theyre from victoria. AMAZING

  2. I just assumed that my beloved Hershey Bears would have none of those crappy jerseys…. Oh, was I wrong

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