Posted by: puckdrawn | March 9, 2009

Battle of the Blacks!

UPDATE: Poll Closed. Boston Wins!

As promised, it’s time for YOU to decide which NHL team gets to keep ONE black jersey. Only ONE team and only ONE black jersey. So a team like the Bruins, who have two, will lose one. Get over it, Boston!

The trend of black jerseys has had a long run and it’s time for that run to end.

Don’t just pick your favorite team. Look at them with a critical eye and figure out who most deserves to be the one to keep a black jersey.

My vote is in and it’s a pretty clear cut choice. The Boston Bruins home black. Why? Because they’re an Original 6 team and an early adopter of black. My guess is that they didn’t have marketing reasons for introducing a black uni. Sure, there have been other teams in the old-timey days who had black in their jerseys – Chicago having an all black uni with white stripes – but Boston’s just looks the best to me.

(Check out for a fun look at the history of NHL uniforms and to see who used black and how they used it.)

Have fun, and when the votes are in, we’ll submit the results to the NHL and each team to inform them of our decision. It’s time to put an end to this black jersey madness!

Be sure to leave some comments so we can understand the reasoning behind your decision.



  1. I got caught up in a tie between the Bruins’ home and the Kings’ home jersey. The Bruins may have been around for longer, but I couldn’t imagine the Kings going back to wearing yellow and purple. I propose that the the two teams ultimately combine like a Megazord to form the Los Bostinos Bear Kings.

  2. Come on! That purple and yellow was GREAT!

  3. I don’t get the fuss over Black Jerseys, I get that it is over done, but i don’t have a problem with it, unless more teams release a third like the blackhawks with just their standard primary on the front.

  4. The fuss, for me, is that a hockey game looks like a boring chess game with black pieces and white pieces and no real color. Since this is a hockey design website, it’s not that far fetched for people to want to discuss such topics.

  5. Yeah I understand. I actually think this is a good poll, and there should be more color. My Point is that I actually like the idea, of say, the Coyotes, third because it is different than their Primary. However it is absolutely rediculous to release a black third with the same arm stripes as their primary.

  6. Oh and i voted for the Bruins, it was close between the Bruins and the flyers until I realized that i liked the logo more than the whole jersey.

  7. I feel ashamed for the guys who voted for the Flyers’ black primary. I think their road uni looks solid, but the black primary just looks weird to me. Then again, I think that since the Flyers main color is orange, their uniforms should be somewhat more orange.

    Also, purple and yellow? It looks so wonderfully 1970s, in that quaint “look at what they used to wear on the ice” sort of way. I think it would be a fun third jersey though.

  8. the kings should ditch the purple. they should look like the raiders, who are badasses (i can only assume by looking at their logo) Black belongs to tough teams. Over the years i’d say the flyers are the toughest. Clarke, shultz, pre-lobotomy lindros. or the bruins, Eddie Shore, Terry O’Rielly, Stan Jonathan. Definitely not these other teams. the jerseys don’t even look good!

  9. Really, Link? I love that purple and yellow of the Kings. Sure it’s the 70s, but I think the 70’s and 80’s was the era of the BEST lookin’ jerseys. The Kings don’t have to go retro purple and gold. They can have an updated look. The Vikings pull it off very well. Check out this link to see how the Kings could pull off the purple and gold theme:

  10. I’m with you if they go with purple as the primary with yellow/gold highlights. I think that’s a winning combo. I can’t get behind the heavy use of yellow, it just isn’t my thing.

  11. Voted for Boston but where is Chicago’s Winter Classic jersey?

  12. I don’t count Chicago’s Winter Classic jersey because it’s just a once and done thing. I just wanted jerseys that were part of a regular rotation in a full NHL season. Feel free to list that jersey as an honorable mention here in the comments.

  13. I think the olnly teams that have a right to use black are the bruins and penguins. The kings could easily make a great purple jersey, Tampa’s blue is a great color and matches better with their logo than black, Blackhawks stick to red (other than the sick WC jerseys), Flyers look way better with orange primaries, and the Coyotes shouldn’t have anything to do with black.

    Although Boston has the right to use black, I love the yellow jerseys the Jr. Bruins wear ( That’s one of the few good yellow jerseys I’ve ever seen. The EJHL (league Jr. Bruins are in) have a lot of unique colored jerseys that are great like yellow, baby blue, lime green, purple, and other great red jerseys. And any of those teams could easily use black jerseys, but choose not to.

  14. Opps the link didn’t work, just check the jerseys out on the team website:

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