Posted by: puckdrawn | March 13, 2009

Battle of the Black jersey WINNER!


Well, there’s really no surprise here for me. My vote, before I even put the poll up, was that the Boston Bruins were the ONLY team that should be allowed to keep a black jersey.

For as long as I can remember, and before black jerseys were the cool, hip thing, the Bruins were the black uniform team. After them there were two others that I remember: One being the Pittstburgh Penguins and the other, which is not an official NHL team jersey, was the Flyers alumni team jersey. THAT black jersey was badass when I was a kid. It was a novelty back then. You rarely saw a black jersey in hockey, so when you did see it, you thought it was cool … like Darth Vader or something!

Now? Now I want black jerseys to be the scorge of society like cheap head shots, the salary cap, and Steve Downie hits. (I actually love that Steve Downie. Me and my girl affectionately call him “ape-shit”)

One thing that I’m really liking now is that teams are going retro with their jerseys. Just check out those retro Flyers and Oilers thirds! Great stuff!

I really hope more colorful jerseys make a comeback, and teams move away from that lame Reebock template. Not only are the Reebock template designs lame looking, hockey is starting to look like a boring chess match out on the ice with all of the black and white jerseys.

So BAN THE BLACK JERSEYS! (alright, alright … except the Bruins)

Check out the chart below to see where all the teams ranked in the black jersey poll.




  1. LOl this is funny. my girlfriend just started licking hockey with in the past year since we met. and she has been telling me that she loves that boston Jersey.

  2. You may want to get your girlfriend to a hospital. Hockey has been known to be dirty and should never be licked.

  3. Licking hockey, eh. Hello, my name is “hockey”.

  4. LOL yeah i cought that.. LOL . Mean LIKEING! lol she licks me! becasue im all HOCKEY! HAHAH!

  5. Haha, but I must say, its simple and clean and recognizable, which is the point of any jersey. Solid jersey, not at all surprised that it won.

  6. What do you think about a WORST black jersey poll?

  7. sounds good, the Stars will win hands down.

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