Posted by: puckdrawn | March 13, 2009

Vancouver Logo Insanity

What is it about the Vancouver Canucks that they just can’t get a logo right? From the giant flying “V”, to the blue and red Orca, to the skate logo … I mean … SERIOUSLY? Now there are rumblings that they may be going to a Johnny Canuck logo for their third jersey next year. Gimme a break. Nothing screams gay woodsman like this ridiculous logo. Here are two images for you to NOT drool all over. One is the Johnny Canuck uniform from the WHL days. And another is a concept jersey from


The more I think about it, the more I’m agreeing with the Devils and RedWings who don’t have third jerseys. One way to have a classic jersey is to just stick with your original idea and do your best to ignore the new design trends and dumb ideas.

In  no way, shape, or form am I a Montreal Canadians fan, but DAMN, do they have one hell of a logo and uniform. You can spot that thing from a mile away and it demands respect. (big words for something that’s just a logo … Geez, Johnny. Get a grip, man)

There’s no need for an Orca or a Johnny Canuck or even a giant flying V. Just stick with that blue and green uniform with the C and stick/rink logo. It’s a beautiful jersey.

I realize this is a third jersey, but so what?? Enough with the ridiculous logos and thirds. Do I need to have a contest to see what ONE team gets to keep their third jersey? The people have already spoken about the black jersey madness!



  1. I happen to be a big fan of Johnny C. I think its a fun logo that has a lot of history to it. I do, however, believe it needs to be updated and contemporized.

  2. First off I think you should have many more polls like the Black jersey one (best NHL, AHL, ECHL, IHL… logo and so on and so forth). But i actually like the Johnny Canuck logo, I think if they altered the face a bit to make it seem meaner (or something) it would make it seem less gay.

  3. I guess I’m more of a traditionalist and think all logos should have that original six look. But I’m just one guy with an opinion. I’m sure a lot of people would like to see johnny canuck from what ive read on many boards.

    As for the polls, i guess i just dont wanna come off as an icethetics ripoff. that site had lots of polls. Ill do more polls and try to get creative with it.

  4. We’re like icethetics except we curse all the time and make crude jokes!

  5. and, well you know, the site is running.

  6. HAH HA!

  7. hey, no fuckin’ cursing, Link!

  8. Wow I couldn’t disagree more, I hate the canadians logo and the stick in the rink canucks logo. I think they have nothing to do with the team name and have no place being on the front of a jersey because all they represent is hockey (like the knicks logo, its just a basketball) and not the team name or city. I hate most of the old logos, especially the bruins, wtf does a wheel with a B on it have to do with a bruin or boston? If that was a logo shown for a new expansion team called the bruins it would be laughed at like crazy, but just because it was from an original six team its a great logo. I’m very against traditionalist bias for crappy logos, no matter what anyone says, the B on the wheel will always suck just as much as the ducks wordmark logo to me.

  9. The Bruins “B” logo is a classic logo and the wheel spokes represent the hub of the world, which, for some reason, boston is known as. do a wikipedia search on it for a lesson in why the Bruins logo is what it is. As for the Canadians and Canucks logos, what else should they represent besides hockey? Football??

  10. Well, I believe that every logo should represent the city and team name, and I don’t think the bruins logo represents a bruin at all, only the city. What I meant with the canadians logo was that it should idk maybe possibly have a reference to canadians or montreal not just the sport. Logos shouldn’t represent just one thing, it should at lest represent the city and team name.

  11. I’m just curious – and I’m not being argumentative – what logo do you feel best represents the city and team name?

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