Posted by: puckdrawn | March 15, 2009

Quick Hits

UPDATE: Even MORE Predators third jersey news HERE.

p4909217dtUPDATE: The Islanders wanna switch to their retro look full time next season, but most likely it’s not gonna happen. Here’s a link to that story. I guess it’s retro, and retro seems to be the “in” thing this year. But is it really the “retro” that people like or is it the fact that it’s not the cookie-cutter Reebok template? Or perhaps people are sick of the black jersey fad. Whatever the reason, in a few years that shitty Reebok look will be gone and I’m guessing that black will be used significantly less. There IS an NHL god!

I just don’t get the appeal for this logo and Johnny Canuck. I will always be against cartoon logos because they don’t look “tough” and ALWAYS look silly when you look back at them over time.

Found this on forums.


flyersorangeLooks like the Flyers will be wearing their orange third jerseys at home throughout the playoffs. The mention was found on the Comcast Sports Net website. Scroll down to the bottom of page in the “Loose pucks” paragraph.

“The Flyers wore their orange sweaters. They will wear those jerseys at home throughout the playoffs.”



  1. I’ve also heard mention that the Flyers may switch to the orange jerseys full time next season, either eliminating the blacks or making the blacks an alternate. Obviously the orange jerseys are hugely popular, and so it would make sense to wear them at most of the games. In fact, I think they tend to wear these at home more than anything else.

    Finally, the Johnny Canuck logo is awesome and should be on Vancouver’s uniform in a greater capacity.

  2. Orange Flyers jersey is beautiful, I love the white nameplate.

  3. Yeah, those orange jerseys are beauts! I hope they ditch the black jersey next year … not even as a third jersey!

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