Posted by: puckdrawn | March 16, 2009

Best use of a hockey stick

UPDATE: Poll closed. Best Use of Stick in a Logo: Vancouver Canucks!

There are a number of teams who use a hockey stick image in their logo to remind everyone that they are, indeed, a hockey team. So, who do you think makes best use of a hockey stick in their design? I happen to like the Thrashers logo a lot, but the stick has to go. It throws off the whole diamond shape. Boooo! Ok, the Hurricanes … Consistently sucky logo and uniform from their inception. I should disqualify them out of spite. The Kings’ sticks are too small, so they don’t win. I hate cartoon logos, so the Pens and Sharks are out. The Islanders will probably be moving to Kansas City soon, so they don’t count. The Capitals logo makes good use of the stick by turning it into the letter “L”, but not a winner. I like the Canucks rink logo the best. The stick jutting into the rink shape in order to make a big letter “C”. Very clever. Winner! (for me) Make your selection and discuss in the comments section!




  1. Jesus that was hard, I don’t like hockey equipment to begin with.

    Thrashers and Hurricanes are just bad logos, i didn’t even realize that the Kings logo had hockey sticks until now. I hate animals using hockey sticks so there goes Sharks and Pens (and almost every minor league team). Washington’s is just boring, did they even try? Which leaves the Islanders and the Canucks. Really a toss up, i picked Vancouver because…. I don’t know, Johnny did?

  2. The only reason I didn’t go with the Islanders is that their logo is the State name, team name, and the state in a circle… the other is actually a logo.

  3. Thats a good point, so which one did you pick Link?

  4. And this updated version of the Canucks logo is better than the original. The stick is bigger inside the logo and that helps a lot. The old logo the stick looked a little too thin and weak.

  5. I don’t see the point of the stick in the rink logo, I mean its a good secondary If you can’t find a team identity just so you can stay noticeable to the sport. I chose Carolina, they use it in the most creative way in my eyes. I judged by how they use it in the best place and not part of an animal or lettering, which brings it down to the hurricanes, kings, or canucks. Canucks is a pointless logo that only a traditionalist would like and the Kings uses the sticks just really randomly so I went with the hurricanes because they actually replace an item with the stick that makes sense. Even though it’s not the best logo with a stick, it’s the logo that makes best use of a stick (which is the real question of the poll, not what logo is the best, what logo uses the stick the best).

  6. I hate stick in logos, so I voted for the Kings, where the sticks disappear

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