Posted by: puckdrawn | March 17, 2009

Third jersey this and that

p4909217dtPuckDaddy has some good insight on the Islanders third jersey hullabaloo. It would be nice to be able to switch jerseys every year, willy-nilly, but there are manufacturing issues that can’t be ignored. I honestly don’t know why the Islanders even care that much because you KNOW they’re not getting that Lighthouse Project off the ground and they WILL move to Kansas City or Vegas. Right now they’re a Mickey Mouse team with a Mickey Mouse owner and they may as well just add mouse ears to their helmets.

Sports Illustrated ranks this years crop of third jerseys. Old news, but still some sweet photos.

kovalchuk_030109_topThis isn’t third jersey news, but it IS stupid jersey news from the Atlanta Thrashers. Here’s a snippet from their website:

The Atlanta Thrashers will auction special St. Patrick’s Day green jerseys at their game against the Washington Capitals on Monday, March 16 at 7 p.m. at Philips Arena. The jerseys will be autographed and worn by the Thrashers during pre-game warm-ups and auctioned in the arena during the game.

View the whole article from their website HERE.



  1. Good thing to do for charity, but ew.

    SI’s ranking is awful, the Blues in second, really?

  2. Those jerseys that Atlanta is auctioning off look like green practice jerseys, how stupid.

  3. They ARE practice jerseys, and the are auctioned off to go to a hospital that serves critically ill children. Get your info right if you are going to make comments.

  4. HiOHHHHH!

  5. Wow, harsh.

  6. The islanders need to stay in Long Island, no matter how much they don’t need any professional sports teams there because they have the greatest dynasty for an American team. As much as I am an Anti-Traditionalist (and an Islanders fan) you just can’t move a team with so much history, especially in a few years when all of their young guys get more experience and they’ll turn into a great team (Tavares would help!). Plus KC won’t care about an NHL team if they ever got one, if they have to move try to get into Brooklyn with the NJ Nets (which is still on long island, but the arena will never F-ing happen) and if they have to move go to Canada, and if they won’t be allowed to move anywhere in Canada try Houston, Portland, or Seattle (if their arena is fixed for hockey) over KC.

  7. Idk IMO if a team has won a stanley cup they should try as much as possible to stay where they are and keep their name.

  8. I don’t know the whole story, but my guess is that there is no franchise anywhere, ever that wants to leave a city but sometimes things happen and you have no choice.

  9. Well new owners buy a team and they can move a team if they want to, like what the guy that wants to buy the Predators but the NHL won’t let him because he will move the Team to Hamilton, ON. And the owner of the islanders says that if the Lighthouse Project doesn’t pass he will sell the team and the new owner will most likely move them because they want to not because they have to. It’s unfortunate for the fans, but it’s business.

  10. He doesn’t have to sell the team if the Lighthouse project doesn’t go through. He said he’d have “other options” or something like that.

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