Posted by: puckdrawn | March 19, 2009

Third Jersey News

UPDATE: Found this chat with beat writers on the website regarding a possible third jersey for the Blue Jackets:

[General Jacket70] I read somewhere that a third jersey was still a couple of season away. Anything you can tell us about that?

[Portzline] Yeah, the Blue Jackets really like the sweater they’re wearing now, it’s been very well-received locally and across the NHL, and they want to keep pushing that as the predominant logo for which the franchise is known. I haven’t heard a couple seasons. I heard next season was possible. We shall see. I love — LOVE! — the Civil War cap on the shoulder. That and the cannon, and I’m sold.

Well it looks like retro is the new black and I couldn’t be happier … unless it’s a black retro. Hmmmm … a conundrum.

Here’s a bit of news on the Panthers’ retro uniform that, I’m assuming, will be for the 2009-2010 season. I’m also guessing it’s their third jersey design.


The Panthers had a prototype of their new retro-themed jersey at practice Wednesday. There could be changes in design and color by the time it’s officially unveiled.

The prototype bore a similarity to the Minnesota Wild’s retro-themed jersey. Instead of the leaping cat logo on the chest, only a snarling, less detailed cat head sits in the middle of a circle with ”Florida” in the larger concentric circle over it and ”Panthers” under it.



  1. I feel like it could turn into something cheesy… It is going to be interesting to see what some of the newer teams are going to do in for a retro-look.

  2. I’m sorry… but how are “Ladylike Dresses” even partially related to what we’re talking about. Does anyone else see that under the related posts header?

  3. well … at least it’s not a “Manlylike Dresses” link, Link. That is weird.

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