Posted by: puckdrawn | March 20, 2009

Best Use of Stick in a Logo Winner!


The Vancouver Canucks won the Best Use of Stick in a Logo poll, getting 29.63% of the vote. No surprise for me. It’s clearly the best stick in a logo this side of Thunder Bay, Ontario … Or that side of Thunder Bay, Ontario … depending on where you’re standing … Whatever, Russ.

The thing I don’t understand is how the Carolina Hurricanes came in second. I guess technically it’s a good use of the stick – just in a bad logo.




  1. Well the question was best use of stick not best logo with a stick, so most people are stupid or careless enough to just vote for the best logo with a stick and not the best use of a stick in a logo. Clearly the Canucks do not make best use of a stick because all it is is a stick… inside a rounded edged rectangle. And clearly the Hurricanes make best use of a stick because their not using it as a stick for an animal or lettering. They are actually using the stick in a sensible way replacing the flag pole with a stick and the canucks only use an F-ing stick in a rink, clearly people voted for it because they are traditionalists only and it does not make best use of a stick at all.

  2. The use of the stick should lend to making the logo the best, most complete package. If the stick is used really well then the logo should shine. I think Carolina used the stick well, but the logo is kind of silly, so I voted for the Canucks because of the austere simplicity of the logo that is accented with an equally simple hockey stick.

    Also, you sound like a douche.

  3. Everyone is entitled to an opinion … Even Koho. I disagree with him completely though. There’s one good thing about being a traditionalist, the logos and jerseys are proven classics. They don’t win logo contests for nothing. Remember Icethetics? Go look at the winners. The Hurricanes tend to be in the bottom of every contest (unless it’s for shittiest).

  4. It’s because way more people like the older logos of the teams they grew up watching, but to be honest its more douchey to think that the stick in the rink represents the canucks better than a tropical storm flag represents the hurricanes. Believe what you want but there is way too much traditionalist bias in hockey logos, if you look at logos as an artistic representation of the team name and city, a lot of the older logos make nearly no sense, but now that they’ve been around for a while they’re synonymous with the team name. I mean voting for the answer to these polls should be about the art of hockey, not the history of the art of hockey.

  5. Sometimes a stick is a stick

    Sometimes a stick isn’t just a stick

    But sometimes a stick is just a stick

    And this time the stick is a stick

  6. Well, us douchey people voted for the Canucks logo and it won the poll. I mean, the poll was completely scientific, so you’ll just have to live with the results, fella. In 50 years, the Canadians logo will still be a classic and the Hurricanes, if they’re still around, will have gone through at least 5 different primary logos and 20 different third jersey logos that most people think is crap – whether it has a stick in it or not. I’m curious, out of the four major sports, which logo best represents the city and team and whatever non-douchey criteria you want to include?

  7. Minnesota Wild and Detroit Red Wings are both great logos from different eras that meet my criteria for a good logo. City and Team name both have some aspect in the logo without words or letters. Secondary logos should represent at least the city or team name and a Canuck or Vancouver =/= a stick in a rink so it fails as a logo to me, but still works with a lot of people voting because its old and has history (i.e. traditionalists). For example: if an expansion team came out now named the canucks in vancouver and they used the stick in the rink logo it would be laughed at worse than the OKC Thunder logo. Think about that and then you will see my point of view as to why most the time I ignore the logos history when voting becasue its the art of hockey that polls are about not the history of the team that uses the logo.

  8. Your example: “In 50 years, the Canadians logo will still be a classic and the Hurricanes, if they’re still around, will have gone through at least 5 different primary logos and 20 different third jersey logos that most people think is crap” would be better if it was about the last 50 years canadians have stayed the same and the sabres have changed their logo three times. So by your reasoning the original sabres logo was crap? I don’t think so if almost their entire fan base wants them to move back to it based on how bad the art of their previous two logos are compared to it, not by the history of the logo because there isn’t that much in it. And why does the sabres original logo work so well? not because of history but because it shows both the city and team name in it so clean.

  9. You can critique logos all day long until you’re blue in the face. You’re not gonna change anyone’s opinion, nor will we change yours. The Canadians logo was awesome to me even as a kid – before I even knew what their history was. A great logo is a great logo. And don’t project false reasoning on me. I didn’t mention the Sabres logo at all. That is also a classic logo. All great logos don’t have to have the same criteria to be great. That’s absurd. And that Minnesota Wild logo sucks six ways from Sunday. Awful. Just awful. But that’s MY opinion. I highly doubt that the Wild logo would win any kind of logo poll… unless you’re just asking people from Minnesota.

  10. Its a perfectly comparable reasoning if you understand it. The fact that you said the sabres logo is “classic” shows you are judging logos more by history and not art, and well who says in 50 years the hurricane’s logo won’t be classic (sabres 50 years ago compared to hurricanes in 50 years is basically the same thing)? Thats the bias that gives you less authority on logos. I don’t understand any of your reasoning on judging logos other than by it’s history and if you liked it your whole life (which is a part of history). I mean this site is the art of hockey, so look at the logos art objectively without any bias of history, which you have a lot of if you think minnesotas logo sucks and is awful. It’s probably the best logo possible for such a shitty team name, even when you consider how shitty a logo the canadians have for such a great name (history aside the logo is shit and if they were an expansion team the logo would be almost as bad as the OKC Thunder logo). I told you my reasoning and I haven’t even heard how you judge logos yet other than by how it looks with its history which doesn’t make sense if its a hockey art blog. Chris kept his bias out of most of his poll posts to get a fair result, but look at me asking a Philly fan to not have bias… that’s never gonna happen.

  11. Alright I’ll stop arguing now sorry.

  12. Good, because I didn’t feel like reading another response from you about it. Just enjoy the art and respect the fact that people have opinions that differ from yours. I respect your opinions. ’nuff said.

  13. I’m not Chris and you’re a motherfucker for even suggesting that I have some sort of Philly fan bias when it comes to a throwaway logo poll. If you don’t like my opinions or polls, you can go stare at that blank Icethetics page.

  14. haha

  15. i think that the kings make the best use of the stick because it is so subtle but you still notice that it is in the logo. even the kings crest logo on the shoulders uses the stick well.

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