Posted by: puckdrawn | March 23, 2009

Coming Soon – What makes a GREAT hockey logo


Well, nothing like two nitwits arguing in the comments section about what makes a great logo to inspire an interesting blog article. There will always be lot of discussion on what is and what is not a great logo – or what makes a sports logo “classic”.

As a graphic designer, there are many factors that I would take into consideration if a team commissioned me to design a logo for them: Color, balance, contrast, history, recognizable image, to name just a few. Though, there are many factors that go into creating a great logo, it’s my opinion that you don’t have to shoe-horn all elements of your research into the logo. Take your research and refine it into a logo that works as a whole.

Aside from the design being solid in form, function and color – is it something you can recognize from a mile away? Today’s logos just seem to be too busy.

Even with all of that thought and research, teams still miss the mark … by a lot.  Some teams may sell a lot of merch, but their image does not hold up over time. Will the original Mighty Ducks of Anaheim logo be considered a classic 50 years from now? Probably not. Did they sell a shitload of merchandise? Yep. So why wouldn’t that logo rank in the all time great logo list of say, the Montreal Canadians?

I’ll be talking to professional sports logo designers about what THEY think makes a great logo. I’ll find out what their process is – from research to execution. I’ll even ask them to compare and contrast the great and the not-so-great logos. I wanna know why a logo becomes a classic. A brown turd on a jersey wouldn’t be considered a classic just because it’s 50 years old.



  1. That’s cool, can we suggest questions to ask them here?

  2. Absolutely. But, since I’m from Philly, and a Philly sports fan, I’ll be sure to skew the questions to suit my opinions. Oh, I’m kidding.

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