Posted by: puckdrawn | March 23, 2009

How ’bout another spotlight

silvertipsKeith Flynn from Flynnagain Productions sent in some kind words, so I checked out his site and thought I’d shine a spotlight on a another talented graphic designer. Here’s a taste of one of his hockey logos. Over on his site,, you can see many other hockey logos as well as logos other team sports. The link provided opens up to his hockey section, but be sure to check out the other sports designs as well. Some really nice work.



  1. Some of his logos are amazing!

  2. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of sticks in logos, but this Silvertips logo is pretty sweet. Not something I’d wanna see in a pro logo, but fine for minors. Not sure why that is with me …

  3. no just about all of them are amazing!

  4. nice work but would nice if they didn’t put a cartoon and the team name in every logo.

  5. I think the Huntsville Havoc is awkward, and Oshwas is a bit boring, other than that i like them.

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