Posted by: puckdrawn | March 25, 2009

That Retro Circle Logo

UPDATE: Poll Closed.

Clicking through I discovered that the Chicago Black Hawks were the first to use what I now call the “retro circle” look. Pittsburgh made it famous in the first Winter Classic – even though they used it to no fan-fair from 1968 to 1971.

I realize that other teams have logos in the shape of a circle, but what we’re talking about here is a logo encircled by a ring that contains the city and team name. The “retro circle”.


Before I go any further, I just want to let the Philadelphia Flyers know that if they get a Winter Classic in the near future, that they should not DARE create some dumb retro circle look. That chrome winged “P” was bad enough. Don’t ruin a classic just to have a fourth jersey to sell. You don’t need the money.

So … the Penguins dusted off their retro circle for the Winter Classic and continue to use it as their third. The Blues mindblowingly managed to ruin a perfect logo by making the bluenote smaller, adding the arch and putting the city and team name in a circle – as if we’d have no clue what city the arch resides. The Chicago Black Hawks did a one-off for the Winter Classic this year and hopefully they don’t follow Pittsburgh’s lead by putting it into their third jersey rotation moving forward. Then there’s the Minnesota Wild. Wanting so desperately to create false history, they create their retro look. What they need to do is reclaim the Minnesota North Stars brand and color scheme. Tell the Dallas Stars to go shit in a hat because they just can’t figure out how to use green and gold.

Oh and word on the street is that the Panther’s will have a fancy new retro circle logo next year. The lack of originality is striking.


That whole thing – which surprisingly (and apologetically) turned into a rant – brings me to this here poll. I seriously doubt that any one of the other three would beat the Penguins in a “best of” poll, so I’ll go the other way: Which of these current retro circle logos comes up lame? The answer might not be so easy. For me it’s the Blues for reasons I ranted about above. What do YOU think? Have your vote and be sure to give your reasoning in the comments section.



  1. Woh, I’ve never heard such a scathing review of the Blue’s third jersey logo. I think, as a whole, it looks really sharp, but its definitely dropped on my ranked list of third jerseys.

  2. I’m pretty sure that they announce that the Winter Classic Blackhawks jersey was going to be their third last year, I could be wrong, but I dont think I am.

  3. I love the blues third and I hate the penguins third. I just don’t like seeing them in yellow/gold and black because I wasn’t alive when they used the baby blue and it just seems wrong. Would you rather the blues have used the crappy design the guy claims they ‘stole’ from him you posted, I think they made a solid third design. It’s my favorite third from this year to look at, but I hate watching games when they wear them which makes it lower on my overall list. The circle logo should never be worn by any team in the south.

  4. (correct myself) I just don’t like seeing them *not* in yellow/gold and black because I wasn’t alive when they used the baby blue and it just seems wrong.

  5. Would I rather the Blues have used the crappy design the guy claims they stole from him as their third jersey logo? Of course not. What the Blues SHOULD have done is not fuck with their crest at all. It’s a beautiful logo as is. No words, circle or arch is gonna make it better – those elements make it worse in my opinion.

    And I agree. No circle logo should be worn by a southern team. Actually, I’d like to see a southern team come up with some rebel flag uniform for shits and giggles!

  6. I think the blues were trying to do something along the lines of the NYR Statue of Liberty logo with their most famous landmark and failed ending up with a cross between that and the Wild home crest. haha I always wanted to see a team in the south do that too. Name them the Deep South Rebels and have the confederate flag on the jersey. lmao, change the Thrashers to that team and they can make up fake retros like the wild did to pretend they actually have a history and existed during the civil war.

  7. Now THAT’S a concept I’d like to see!

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