Posted by: puckdrawn | March 26, 2009

Officially Orange

D060039026.JPGJust when I thought today would be a slow news day, it becomes a big news day for Flyers fans and those sick of black jerseys. The Flyers made it official that they will be wearing orange throughout this year’s home playoff games and at home games all next year. Here’s the snippets from

The orange and the black have just gotten a little bit more orange as of the Town Hall Meeting where groups of individuals got to sit down with some of the ones who make the organization tick; Holmgren, Stevens, and Luukko. The team decided that since the players liked them and the fans loved them the orange jerseys would be back for all home games this postseason.

Welcoming Back The Orange – The Flyers will now not only be wearing the 3rd jerseys for the rest of their home games in the playoffs, but next season the Flyers will also be orange. That’s right, the Flyers who have been wearing black for home games for a number of years will finally be back to orange once again.

The article doesn’t say if the orange home jerseys for next year will be the retro style or an orange version of their current home/road set. I’ll do a follow up with and report back any news I get from them.

This is good news for Flyers fans.



  1. Good, they never should’ve been wearing black in the first place. They’re the NHL’s orange team.

  2. Its awesome to see that rumor confirmed. Of course the questions that arise from that confirmation are frustrating. I doubt that they will introduce an orange version of their current home jerseys. I’ve seen the mock-ups that people have made… and it just looks silly. I’m more curious to know if they plan on shifting to an away variation on the current road jerseys. Its interesting that of the all the teams that have thought about swtiching jerseys next year, the Flyers are the only ones actually doing it.

    Ultimately I guess the Flyers have more cash to drop on uniforms compared to the Islanders.

  3. I’m hoping they go with the retro look for home and away jerseys next year. I hate black jerseys, but if they want to keep it as a third, that’s a good solution for those who like the black one.

  4. Didn’t you say that the Islanders couldn’t change jerseys all willy nilly. Have the Flyers planned this for some time or something.

  5. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when I read the report on Maybe it has to do with the fact that the Flyers already have the design in production, so there wouldn’t be any issues with manuracturing. It’s ALREADY manufactured. If that’s the case, it would be weird to have one style jersey for the road and another for home. So, I guess there are still more questions regarding this … Stay tuned.

  6. The Wild already have different road and home designs, so it can work.

    I once again site the fact that the Flyers probably have more money to spend on uniforms than the poor Islanders.

  7. Islanders are already manufacturing their one jersey too. I have a feeling they’re not gonna go completely retro with it and add some black striping in somewhere because it looks way too retro for Reebok to allow full time. A white version would look great of their current third. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do, I always knew they’d go back to orange.

  8. Link, I just checked out the Wild’s jerseys, and sure enough, they are two different styles for home and away. That’s just weird to me. Hey, whatever works for ya.

    Koho, the Islanders have just one “retro” jersey, so I was assuming they’d have to have the matching road jersey – which is where the manufacturing issues would come in. Assuming that is, that they wanted to do the retro design, full time, for both home and away.

    But all this is just guess-work on my part. Perhaps the Flyers are more liked by the league than the mickey mouse Islanders team, which would allow them to get away with the willy-nilly switch. haha. So who knows …

  9. Yea I read the Islanders have to sell the remainder of their stock on their current home and road uni’s to have them be allowed to change full time to the retros. Reebok just doesn’t want to lose money out of the deal and they have to force us to watch the Isles in the dark blue until they sell all of their jerseys. Flyers probably sold the majority of their jerseys on stock so they’re probably gonna let them change sooner since it’ll bring in even more cash to Reebok quicker.

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