Posted by: puckdrawn | March 30, 2009

Team Canada’s jersey problems may be over


Jersey logos and designs should NOT be this much of a hassle.

The long debate over Canada’s Olympic hockey jerseys will be resolved within a few days, says the outgoing Canadian Olympic Committee president, and the game sweater worn in Vancouver “will not be a vast departure” from the one both the men’s and women’s teams wore to gold medals in 2002.

“It’s not the Hockey Canada logo, but it’s a jersey that the public will see as very Canadian,” Mike Chambers said in a telephone interview.

The sweater reportedly will have a familiar Maple Leaf motif on the front but not a player silhouette as past renditions contained. There is also a COC logo located on the lower back of the sweater, and possibly an Inukshuk symbol over the five Olympic rings located on the sleeve.

Read the full story HERE.



  1. The whole issue is asinine. I’ve yet to hear one good reason why a national team cannot have a national logo.

  2. Its because the logo they used in the past is hockey canada’s logo and they’re an organization and the olympics is getting rid of all corporate logos in the jerseys (just like USA Hockey’s logo). It’s a fair trade off if you see how ridiculous hockey canada treats the players not playing in their sanctioned leagues in canada, it’s like a monopoly.

  3. If this issue proves one thing it’s that socialism is alive and well with IOC these days. I agree it is asinine Link, I simply do not see a single thing wrong with teams wearing the logos of their chosing.

    I do have one other opinion though … Team Canada should wear the 1972 Summit Series jerseys, a real Canadian classic we can all be proud of! Would make for some real nostalgia if they faced off against the U.S. who could be wearing their 1980 Olympic jerseys!

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