Posted by: puckdrawn | April 1, 2009

Sabres go retro, Bettman rips the Penguins’ baby blue jersey

sabresSabres news
In a stunning move, the Buffalo Sabres have announced that they will be ditching the “slug” logo and will go retro … with their buffalo head logo?? Back to red and black??

Yep. That’s what my source is telling me.

Someone high up in the Sabres organization – who shall remain nameless because of the sensitive nature of the talks – said that management and ownership have been bombarded with angry letters and emails regarding the “slug” logo and are pretty much punishing the fanbase for it. Here’s a direct quote: “We don’t give a rat’s ass what the fans think. When they have a degree in marketing or in graphic design then they can come talk to us. Otherwise, shut your mouth!”

Pretty harsh words.

babyblueBettman apparently hates baby blue
Gary Bettman was overheard at a recent NHL/sponsor luncheon saying that the Penguins “look like a bunch of queers in those baby blue jerseys.” The conversation was recorded with someone’s camera phone and is making the rounds on YouTube.  Apparently, though, the NHL is quietly asking YouTube to take it down.

What does Gary Bettman have against the baby blue jerseys? They are making a lot of money and are very popular with fans. Is this the real reason why the Penguins are ditching them for the rest of the season?

Another quote attributed to Bettman:
“The Rangers suck!”

Happy April Fools Day.



  1. The Rangers DO suck!

  2. I’m not gonna lie, you got me. I was about to be very upset about the return of the buffalo head. When are people going to learn that they are actually not called the buffalos.

  3. You’re retarded. What a loser.

  4. Looks like AprilFools spent four hours on YouTube and scoured the internets looking for the obvious false information that I posted on April Fools Day. haha. Sucker.

  5. The Rangers STILL suck!

  6. A real good joke would be saying that the Kings are going to wear the burger king jerseys next season!

  7. Oh man i was pissed when i see the marketing of the sabers talking down to the fans like that. OMG you go me good Puck!

  8. Wow Aprilfools. Got me good.

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