Posted by: puckdrawn | April 2, 2009

Not so Wild about that retro logo

117The Minnesota Wild came out on top … of the lamest retro circle logo poll. Not surprising that a team that’s only been around since 2000 would lose the “retro” logo contest.

Since retro is obviously becoming the new black, I’m sure there will be plenty of retro circle logos to add to the polls in the near future. (I’m lookin’ at you, Florida Panthers)

For now, the Wild hold the title for crappiest circle logo. Actually, it’s not THAT bad of a design, but the worst of the bunch. The Wild logo is not in my top ten, but I do think it’s a clever logo. I’m not a fan of green and red because of the instant comparison to Christmas colors.

But like I said, it’s clever and original, so I don’t understand why they would go totally unoriginal with this circle design thing. Just because everyone is all giddy over the Penguins circle design, doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for you. That look is unique to the Penguins. Let them keep it. (Oh god, did I just stick up for the Penguins??)

Here’s how the poll numbers shook out:


And now for something sortof on topic: This guy is really nuts about the Wild logo. It’s decent, but it’s not one of the best logos in sports. sheesh. (I get it, dude … you like the hidden bear)



  1. I think the bear head in it qualifies it as one of those crappy unrelated bear logos that you see so much in the minor leagues.

  2. I think that logo is pretty incredibly in terms of all around design. The bear fits into the overall idea of the wild, as defined by the team. The logo really embodies so much of what Minnesota is. I’m surprised at the 45%, I though the logo was way better then that. As least there is no anthropromorphized bird skating around with a hockey stick….

  3. Link, I don’t think the 45% is a reflection of the logo itself, but with the fact that the Wild use it rather lamely in that retro circle design. To me it’s forced retro.

  4. my god that man loves that logo. i propose that the white eye part is not the north star but is in fact, an austin kent cumshot.

  5. The Wild colors are a tribute to the North Stars and Golden Gophers…I think that’s pretty cool. I wish my hometown team the Thrashers would acknowledge the past hockey history instead of ignoring the Flames.

  6. Hmmm, that tribute thing is tricky. In the Thrashers case, they’d be tributing the Atlanta Flames, so their colors would be what the Calgary Flames are already using, correct?

    If I’m the owner of a new team or a relocated team, I pay tribute, sure, but I don’t pay tribute in a way that my colors are based off of the old team.

    For example, if Pittsburgh loses their team and in 30 years I get an expansion team in Pittsburgh, there’s no WAY I’m going to use baby blue or black and gold. Orange and black!!

  7. Not saying all teams should do it that way, but that I thought it was really cool how the Wild chose to embrace the history of hockey in the area by combining the teams colors when designing the new logos and uni. The old Devils were Christmas colors, and replacing the green with black made sense there. I just don’t think of Minny as Christmas colors…maybe I am the only one, who knows…

    I’d like to see the Thrash don the Atlanta Flames jerseys when Calgary is in town. I think it’d be kinda fun. ANYTHING is better than nothing, which is what is being done here.

  8. I just bought an Atlanta Flames Jersey… like ten minutes ago.

  9. I just bought a Nashville Predators mustard jersey!

  10. Personally, the wild’s circle logo is one of my favorites and i think their home jerseys are among the best in the league. i really hope the panthers dont go down that road though. maybe i’m just biased because i hate the penguins but their retro design sucks. I liked their Jagr era jersesys best. And mad props for buying a Preds mustard jersey!

  11. The Wild’s circle logo was the first to be done in recent history so I still think they have the right to use it.

  12. By 2020 every NHL team’s logo will be contained within its own circle. If the logo already contains a circle then it may be surrounded by any chosen geometric shape. The tetrahedron is an incredibly underused method of accenting the finer points of a logo.

  13. Well, the Penguins so far have used a circle and a triangle. Maybe soon they’ll utilize the hexagon to make their hockey playing cartoon penguin less fruity.

  14. Or maybe they could just get rid of the name Penguins because its a crappy name, and lets face it, they cant possibly do any better than what they already have.

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