Posted by: puckdrawn | April 3, 2009

Quick Hits

Hockey Canada Logo
I don’t know about you, but I’ll finally get a good nights sleep now that the IOC has approved Hockey Canada’s Olympic jersey. I can’t wait until the big unveil. Story here.

Jersey Fail.
Oww, my freakin’ eyes!

Worst Hockey Tattoos
Oww, my freakin’ eyes Part 2
Gallery Here


The Bush League Factor
Here’s a good website to kill some time at work, or as you’re on the can with your laptop. The Bush League Factor is a website dedicated to the critique of minor league hockey logos. Fairly in-depth and humorous.

Is Baby Blue Tough?
There’s no shortage of trash talking black jerseys around here and there’s always a shot at the Penguins baby blue jersey and how there’s nothing tough about baby blue. Some say that a hockey jersey does not have to look tough. I disagree. Hockey is a tough sport and the uniform of the athlete/team should, in my opinion, be just as tough looking. If you’re gonna lace ’em up, do you want to pull the red Red Wings jersey over your head or that teal Wild Wing jersey of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks? Easy choice. Ok, assuming you had your choice: You could win the Stanley Cup wearing a Red Wings red uniform or that Wild Wings uniform? Which would you pick? Or that baby blue Penguins jersey? C’mon! I want to be a Stanley Cup winner in a tough lookin’ jersey. There’s just an appeal to winning AND looking tough in the sport of hockey. Perhaps it’s just because I grew up watchin’ the Broad Street Bullies with my dad. Those old “blood orange” jerseys were fantastic! So, does a “tough” uniform matter to you? Thoughts?



  1. The Rangers tattoo wasn’t all that bad, the rest of them, wow.

  2. That giant Messier head tattoo was pretty funny.

  3. you know youre a badass when youve got a tattoo of winnie the pooh…with a tattoo of the islanders logo haha. i was talking to a guy at a tattoo studio who did one of my tats about people who got sports logo tattoos and he said he knew a guy who got the flyers logo inked on him BACKWARDS by mistake and another guy with the “NY” giants logo that read “YN”. how embarrassing

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