Posted by: puckdrawn | April 6, 2009

Vancouver Jersey and Logo fail

This and that
Here are some quick hits before I get started with the Vancouver Canucks…

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but here’s an article from the Predators website regarding their new third jersey.

If you’re interested in becoming blind in under ten seconds, then click this link and take a gander at some of the worst uniform redesigns I’ve seen since – well – being able to see.

For you blank jersey template whores, here’s another resource for your photoshopping/illustratoring needs –

Now onto the Vancouver Canucks stuff.

canucks_jerseys250I don’t want this post to sound like I’m picking on the Vancouver Canucks, but what is with their history of horrible jerseys and logos? That giant V design may be a classic now, and that’s only because it’s so bad that it’s good. But in reality, that is probably one of the worst jersey designs in the history of sports – not just the NHL.

I was surfin’ around the Internets on Sunday morning, trying to find some interesting hockey design related news or story and I kept stumbling on Canucks logos and jersey for some reason. They all stuck out like a sore thumb, so it got me to thinking … Is there any other team in the NHL that has made more bad design decisions than the Canucks? (Here’s a swell gallery)


canucksthirdjerseyThink about it. It seems like every three years they come out with some new design or color scheme or alternate logo. And they are always shitty!

johnnysmallWord has it that they are going with a new Johnny Canuck third jersey for next year. How long will that last? I have no idea what that new Johnny Canuck jersey will look like, but a LOT of Canucks fans have been clamoring for that guy to be on the front of their jersey in just about every forum or blog I’ve read since I started this website.

I’d love to hear from you Canucks fans – or hockey design fans in general. What is your favorite Canucks jersey/logo combo? Do you even have a favorite yet? Or are you just waiting for that Johnny Canuck uni to wash away the history of shit logos and jerseys in your mind?

Seriously, if the Canucks stayed with one design for ten years, which one would you want it be? And you can’t frankenstein pieces together. It has to be a set that they’ve worn previously.

canucks_alt_bigI’m a big fan of their current alternate jersey, so if there’s a way they could get away with wearing JUST that, all year, I’d say you have a winner.

Or, hey, maybe I’m way off base here. Maybe there’s another team that has made even more tragic design decisions over the years. One could make an argument for the Ducks or the Coyotes, but since they haven’t been around as long as the Canucks, they get a pass. For now.




  1. I don’t know if that orange, yellow, black monstrosity could even be called a classic. The most it ever amounted to was a psychological experiment gone very, very wrong. I think, and what they are doing, is that sticking with the blue, green, and white is the way to go. The colors work well together and that’s that. As far as the logo… The stick in a rink is a better logo than the Canuck whale, but it is hardly an exciting logo. I’m eager to see how the Johnny Canuck jerseys turn out, if they turn up at all.

  2. The canucks front office are clearly the whores of the nhl. and that makes their fans their johns. is there a team with more jerseys? it’s a big cash grab and the fans lap it up. they are shitty designs and they are shitty jerseys! at the giants game, this guy had a reebok replica, the shoulders were screen printed.

    listen up fans. they only love you for your money. the last canucks game i went to felt like i was at a country club. i had to wrestle with security before the game even started. and i don’t even drink. i got holier-than-thou sneers every time i raised my voice above a respectful-of-those-around-me murmer. there is an exclusive club with a bouncer that keeps you from walking all the way around the rink at the concession level. EVERYTHING is corporately sponsored from the reebok bluelines to the exxon-mobile urinals.

    in summation, FUCK YOU vancouver canucks and FUCK YOU vancouverites for taking this shit and not supporting the giants, who play because they WANT TO and totally ass-fuck every team they play.

  3. Wow, Sean.

    I don’t know if you know this but every NHL team has RBK bluelines, and to be completly honest I don’t care even a little, if people want to make money than so be it, It only becomes a problem when it interferes with the product on the ice. I know you guys hate the commercialism of the NHL, but lets face it, they have to make money. Not to mention, the RBK edge jersey was put out for the players benefit and to be honest, I kind of like it.

    Ranting aside, I liked Vancouver’s red and yellow “plate of spaghetti” logo, It’s better than the Whale.

  4. I agree with Sean on some levels about the Canucks. When the only reason a team has a certain logo is because its based off of their chief corporate sponsor, its a little annoying. I always thought that the fans wanted the Canucks to go with a traditional look that actually looked good. The Canucks seemed unwilling to do so until just recently. I like to think that they aren’t just out for the cash, but it seems likely.

  5. I always liked what John Slabyk did as a concept … really interest way of reimagining Johnny Canuck and paying homage to identites past …

  6. The Canucks are finally heading in the right direction after decades of horrible uniform decisions. The colours blue white and green perfectly represent this team and they look beyond awesome on TV and in person. The jersey template is slowly being perfected and they are heading in the right direction with logos. The orca must go. The stick and Johnny Canuck logos shall endure.

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