Posted by: puckdrawn | April 7, 2009

My top 10 NHL jerseys for 2008-2009 season

Here are my top 10 NHL jerseys for the 2008-2009 season. I’m as shocked as anyone to see that a black jersey made my list, but that’s what happens when you have a league full of awful designs or the Reebok cookie cutter template to choose from. It’s obvious that I love the look of the 70’s and 80’s style jersey. Not a white jersey in the bunch. Not a fan of the whites because they are a little too plain for me. I like a lot color and big thick stripes!

Here’s my top 10 nhl jersey list:


1. Philadelphia Flyers – It’s about time they brought back the orange! It’s a tough lookin’ jersey with big white stripes and big ol’ shoulder to wrist white stripe. Strong jersey. Very fitting for a Broad Street Bully.

2. Montreal Canadians – I almost picked them over my Flyers, but when I put the jerseys side-by-side, I decided Flyers over the Canadiens. Striking red, blue and white jersey with that spectacular logo. Great jersey, but number two. Sorry Montreal.

3. Vancouver Canucks – The only jersey in the history of that team that is worth a shit. Great color combo and sweet stripes.

4. Detroit Red Wings – Fuck the Wings for sweeping the Flyers back in 1997, but they do have a menacing jersey. I like that. Kinda like the intimidating red jerseys of those commie teams, but not commies.

5. Edmonton Oilers – Fuck you too, Edmonton, for beating the Flyers in the Cup finals TWICE in the mid 80’s. Son of a bitch. But I do love blue and orange together with big stripes.

6. New York Rangers – Very unique design. Sometimes you just don’t NEED a logo on the front of your jersey.

7. Chicago Black Hawks – Clarke W. Griswold should have worn this ’00’ jersey instead of the white one in Christmas Vacation.

8. New York Islanders – It’s no “fishsticks” with waves, but it does have giant stripes! Even though it has queer laces, it’s still a fantastic 70’s/80’s style jersey that the NHL looks to be going back to.

9. Toronto Maple Leafs – The Leafs have had better jersey designs over the years, but I like the simple blue and white design. If the Leafs ever introduce a black third jersey, I will personally come to Toronto and burn the stadium down.

10. Boston Bruins – The ONLY black jersey that should be allowed in the NHL right now. Black and gold go great together to make a mean looking jersey.

So there it is. MY top 10 NHL jerseys for the 2008-2009 season. What’s yours?



  1. Good list, except Toronto… Really?

  2. The Toronto alternate trumps their standards homes in every way. I’m not a huge fan of solid color jerseys with a couple of white lines on them.

  3. Toronto just snuck on the list. I tried to find something better, but the field I was left with was Reebok template crap and black jerseys. And rarely will I pick a white jersey for my top 10. I’m a big fan of solid color jerseys obviously.

  4. I think the Sabres alternate is better. Also the Wild jerseys and the Devils, I dont mean to argue but i think they could have done better.

  5. I could be swayed to replace the Leafs jersey with that Sabres alternate, but I got SO sick of hearing from Sabres fans and seeing concepts of their old uni’s since the slug was unveiled. I’ve had just about ENOUGH of that Sabres jersey. We get it.

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  7. Did we get spammed?!

    Also, Ryne, go ahead and argue. Its all opinion, so there really isn’t a right answer. There are plenty of folks that have nothing against the teams that use the Edge templates.

  8. I’m one of them, I hated some of the way the jerseys looked before the EDGE, they all looked like minor league jerseys.

  9. i like the slim look of the reebok jerseys. the ccm and koho jerseys looked like nightgowns

  10. I agree that the slim look and cut of the Reebok jersey is better looking than the CCM/Koho jerseys. What I don’t like is the design template that a lot of teams use. (Buffalo for instance). Jersey and Detroit did it right by using the same design with the new cut. Vertical piping … egads!

  11. And yes, these are just my opinions. I like what I like and others like what they like. Good discussion though.

  12. I agree that the slimmer look is nice, the templates are ok, but I do wish Reebok would take them further.

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  14. Okay, yea your right….us here in Buffalo had these concepts because Reebok screwed us big time. So this was their like attempt us SABRES FANS to make up for their major Slug Up

  15. I think that the lightnings new jerseys should be in they are pretty nice… just my opinion

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