Posted by: puckdrawn | April 9, 2009

More Quick Hits



  1. I love that Panthers article! There are so many cheers that you could integrate “weak stream” into that my head is spinning with the possibilities.

  2. I hated Miller’s old mask, thank god he finally changed it.

  3. Jim Dowd was and still is the FUCKING man. One of my all-time favorite players. Miller’s old mask was pretty sweet I thought. I dont remember what he used when the sabres had the black jerseys though, was it just blank? i know he hardly played then.

  4. Does that guy honestly believe that Gretzky was the cause of the Blues, Kings, and Phoenix jerseys.

  5. That guy is honestly a complete douche, regardless of the quality of his list.

  6. I was so close to punching my monitor. Red, Gold and Blue is not that bad of a color scheme.

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