Posted by: puckdrawn | April 10, 2009

Pittsburgh Penguins logo and jersey history

Penguins Logo History has a really interesting article on the history of the Penguins logo. I can see how a team would go with a name like “Penguins” today – what, with all the sissification and marketing of the sport. But back in the 60’s, it must have been almost a crime in hockey to consider that as a team name.

My favorite quote of the piece:

Gessner was paid $1,500 to design six potential versions of a logo that were presented to Penguins owners.

“How can you make a penguin look mean?” bemoaned Gessner. “They are slow, small and awkward.”

hornetslogo1Interesting to read that adopting Pittsburgh’s AHL team name, the Hornets, was considered. Though the name sounds better than “Penguins”, I’m not so sure the logo would hold up over the years. Have you ever seen a good Hornets logo? Charlotte Hornets? I don’t think so.

All things considered, the Penguins logo is now iconic and I can’t see them changing it again any time soon. I don’t really know what they were thinking in the 90’s when they decided to use that flat “corporate” looking Penguin. I’m curious to know what you Pittsburgh Penguins fans thought about it at the time.

Anyway, this is a really good article, so go read it! | Full article here

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Penguins Jersey History


See, there IS a way to incorporate light blue into a Penguins jersey and NOT have it look all queer!

Very cool feature on the jersey history of the Pittsburgh Penguins over at

I understand why their team colors are black and gold, but they really would have a better looking jersey if they stuck with the darker blue as the primary color with light blue and white accents. (MY opinion alert).

Check out the feature here.



  1. I’ve always thought that dark blue looked awful on those jerseys. Don’t forget that a scant majority voted that hockey jerseys don’t have to “look tough” 😀

  2. Baby blue for everyone! That poll was rigged!! haha.

  3. For next years WC, teams will be required to wear uniforms that consist entirely of pastel colors or floral prints. This will increase the sports popularity, obviously.

  4. Since I was a kid, the skating penguin logo always appealed to me. I became a fan of the Penguins because of it, following the team through some very bad years and very good years (the Stanley Cup winners of 91 and 92 were epic, epic ones! 8D). I’m so thrilled to know that Pittsburgh’s skating penguin logo has become the iconic symbol it has become.

  5. Dad used to have a replica jersey with the penguin with the scarf (rubberized crest). Logo was never used by the team on an actual jersey. Jersey was in the same style as the winter classic ones but in the white.
    Always thought any of the blue ones were better than the black and yellow ones.

  6. I liked the flat corporate penguin better.

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