Posted by: puckdrawn | April 14, 2009

Untouchable NHL logos

The NHL logo redesign competition will be rolled out very soon and one of the things that needed to be handled first was finding out which logos would make the Top 10 list. These top 10 NHL logos – voted on by you – are the untouchables. Immune from any redesign or concept. As I’ve said before, some logos just don’t need to be redesigned. So here they are…


All the rules and guidelines of the competition will be posted here by the end of the week or weekend, but here’s an overview: It’s an open competition where you can pick whichever logo you want to redesign. It can be either the primary logo alone or primary logo on a concept jersey. Up to you. No extra points for the combo, though.

I will be in on the competition too, but not eligible for the voting/prizes.

At the beginning of the Stanley Cup finals I’ll put all of the concepts up for a vote and the winner will be revealed the day after the Cup is hoisted.

The prize list (yes, you’ll win prizes!) will be announced when the official rules are released by this weekend.

Remember, the untouchables are off limits!



  1. That’s a pretty good list

  2. Blackhawks- Maybe like a variation, I saw this one concept earlier on in the year, it was literally a hawk turned into the logo…It was awesome.

    Flyers- Just need somethin new i believe.

    Thats about it from me, Other than that, its a great list

  3. I agree with all of them except the oilers and maybe the flames. The blackhawks logo could be made to look a little tougher but still can not be majorly changed. As much as I hate a lot of the older logos, they are untouchable because of their history using that logo has overtaken the fact that they’re outdated and only a slight redesign every other decade is all it needs too keep up with the times.

  4. Well, the Flyers didn’t do too well with their “slight redesign” when they introduced the “3D” version of their logo. Yipes!

  5. I’m not even a Flyers fan but I wear a Flyers hat every day, I would honestly love to be a flyers fan. I watch Flyers games and Imagine sometimes.

  6. You Ryne, its not that hard to start cheering for another team. Especially when you’re cheering for Good over Evil, Light over Darkness, Orange over red. Yes, that red is lowercase. I know.

  7. I don’t think its hard to cheer for the Red at all, mainly because they win so many darn cups.

  8. Yes, but remember that I hate the Red Wings even more than I hate Khabibulin.

  9. This may sound off, but I don’t hate the Blackhawks at all, here in Fort Wayne all we get is FSN Chicago and Versus, so I’ve watched my fair share of Hawks games.

  10. I will hate Khabibulin no matter what team he may be on. If he was in net for the Preds I’d still hate him.

  11. Why do you hate him so much, is it because he has a rediculous name?

  12. How is Sean Avery still a professional hockey player? How doe Terrel Owens keep getting offered contracts? I just happens.

  13. People really think the Maple Leaf’s logo is that good.

  14. It would be cool to do one of these with AHL teams so there wouldn’t be the history factor involved in the polling and it would be the best looking in the top ten instead of the most historic THEN the best looking in the top ten.

  15. There’s more interest in NHL logo redesign than AHL.

    I’m not sure why people are so hung up on the history of logos. History does not make a classic logo. Logos simply don’t last a long time if they are shit designs. If anything, they get tweaked a little bit, but the integrity of the logo is intact.

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