Posted by: puckdrawn | April 15, 2009

NHL Logo Redesign Competition

The PuckDrawn NHL Logo Redesign Competition is ON!

With the help of some of you, the list of untouchable logos has been created. The post below illustrates the Top 10 logos in the NHL right now. At least “top ten” in the sense that they shouldn’t be redesigned as part of my competition!

With all of the rebrandings, alternate logos and third jerseys that have been introduced the past ten years, it seems as though the gaggle of marketing geniuses have forgotten about tradition and, you know, good design. There’s also no passion in these designs, no longevity, and it certainly feels as though they think about the fan last – if at all.  I’m wrong. They think about the fans’ money.

And then you have teams like the Anaheim Ducks. If their jersey sales have totaled 37 bucks I’d be shocked. When the Anaheim Mighty Ducks decided to drop the word “Mighty” from their name, you’d figure they’d have gotten some fan feedback about their new direction. I mean REALLY talk to the fans. I seriously doubt that a majority of them would have voted to keep the name “Ducks” AND use a duck foot as the letter “D” in their boring wordmark crest. Seriously. WTF?

I think we can do a better job. Sure, we’re not all graphic designers or work at fancy sports logo agencies, but we can come up with better concepts. And I aim to prove it.

Which brings us to …

The Contest
Redesign a better NHL team logo.

The Rules
1. The redesigned logo must NOT be one of the untouchables. Those will be immediately disqualified. (Untouchable logo list in the blog post below)
2. You only need to create the primary logo of the team (or teams) you pick, presented on their current jersey style or on a new jersey that you create that works with your new design.
3. You may create a secondary logo and wordmark if you feel that betters your presentation and chances of winning. However, they are not required.
4. You can pick as many teams as you like when doing your logo redesign. It could better your chances of winning – or it could water down your efforts.
5. Anyone is welcome to enter. From professionals to shitty amateurs.
6. Your images must be submitted as a JPG/GIF/or PNG file
7. Make sure your name is somewhere on your graphic so I can keep it all straight
8. All entries must be submitted to me before the puck is dropped on the night of the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

This is NOT sponsored by anyone other than this site … which makes NO money. SO … your prize would be a $50 gift certificate to some place to be named later. If I get a good response to this contest, I may then offer up a jersey to the winner.

(I‘m always open to sponsors offering up prizes too!)

The Winner
All entries will be uploaded to the site during the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals AS THEY COME IN. Fans of this site will vote on all of the logos during the Stanley Cup Final games and the winner will be announced the day after the Cup is hoisted! How fun is that!

If I have forgotten any rules, I will update a.s.a.p.




  1. I’m so excited for this, I don’t even know how to help design, but if you need any help Judging, I’m more than willing.

  2. The judging will be done by the standard poll voting system.

    You can always help by telling a hockey friend about the site!

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