Posted by: puckdrawn | April 17, 2009

Quick Hits

It’s gonna be busy as hell for me the next week or two since I’ll be on a little mini-tour with The Meatmen. But I’ll be bringing my laptop with me and will do my best to update the site during that time. If there’s not a blog post each day, don’t yell at me in the comments sections!

As always, I recommend you visit these sites for great sports design content – even if it’s not JUST hockey related:

The forums over at and are a fun read.

For those who think jerseys should look tough, I offer you for your heterosexual desires. And for the rest of you – who think jerseys don’t have to be tough – you can go HERE. (Ok, so these links aren’t design related. Sue me.)

Some people like to collect hockey jerseys, others hockey cards … and then there’s this guy who collects pocket schedules. Go check out his hockey section. Pretty cool cover designs. I enjoyed looking at the progression of the designs from year to year. Check out Suprfrog’s Pocket Schedule Collection HERE.



  1. Finally! A one stop shopping location for all of my male pantie needs! Now, if I could only find a place that sells pantie liners in mens sizes.

  2. Oh god,

    Theres not much hotter than a girl in a jersey by the way.

  3. I always loved looking at the teams pocket schedules when I was a kid.

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