Posted by: puckdrawn | April 20, 2009

Anaheim Ducks concept


UPDATE: I’ve decided to re-brand the Ducks and they are now known as the Anaheim RoadRunners. A roadrunner is much tougher than a duck and the obvious rivalry between the Phoenix Coyotes would be an instant classic. I’d like to see fans throwing anvils on the ice much like Detroit’s squid tradition.

This isn’t really a concept as much as me just having fun dorkin’ around in Illustrator. Would love to have the time to really come up with a duck head that was original, but time is limited around these parts.

The color scheme was something that I really wanted to try for a hockey team uniform. I remember a long time ago seeing a soccer jersey and LOVED the green/orange/white color scheme. I always thought that that color combo would look great on an NHL uni.

As for the blatently ripped off logo of the Smith Clay Cams bird head … there is a reason behind that. It is BAD ASS! And it is VERY Anaheim. I lived in San Diego and spent a lot of time up in the Anaheim area. The hot rod subculture is alive and well and you see that logo a lot. Since this is just a fun concept for me, I thought it was ok to take some creative license. I stripped the bird of the cigar and added the little holes to the duck bill. I think jerseys should have a meanness to them – and the Smith Clay Cams bird head is MUCH tougher than a duck foot letter “D” wordmark.

As for the jersey design – I found an old image of an LA Kings jersey from the 80’s that had great lines. It was perfect for what I had in mind.

So this is my concept design to get the NHL Logo Redesign Contest started. Don’t kill me.



  1. I always liked the green and orange color scheme too. The logo looks like more of a roadrunner than a duck to me though.

  2. I have to agree with Koho on the logo’s look, but it is certainly better then a stylized D. I took me the entire first season of seeing that uniform before I realized that it was a duck foot.

  3. I agree that it looks more like a roadrunner than a duck. And I’m perfectly fine with that – mostly due to being lazy and not wanting to redraw a duck bill. If I have time I may go back in and make it a duck bill. Can’t you see those holes in the bill?? That’s what makes it a duck!! haha.

    I actually had more fun designing the jersey than the logo.

  4. I’m not enough of an artist to draw a logo, but I’ve found a lot of enjoyment in tweaking jerseys.

  5. Since ducks are kinda gay, I’m thinking I should rebrand them the Anaheim Roadrunners.

  6. Yeah, cause nothing says scary then a tiny bird that runs around in the desert….

  7. Roadrunners could make a good division rivalry with the Coyotes, lol just had to say it.

  8. A roadrunner is tougher than a duck any day! That smith clay cams roadrunner would kill that disney duck any day of the week. Just my opinion.

    And yes, the coyotes and roadrunners would be a rivaly on par with rangers v flyers. Riiight.

  9. Oops… Rivalry

  10. That logo is Awesome. I know its based of the clay cam one, but the updates and color scheme make it cool. Rebrand it to the Anaheim Roadrunners, and that’s the best team in the NHL, lol.

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