Posted by: puckdrawn | April 21, 2009

On Tour

Ok, I’m officially on tour, so hockey design updates will be sparce for a week, but I WILL have the laptop and will be writing. Hopefully there’s a hotel with free wi-fi so I can update.

If you’re into rock and roll, and/or like The Meatmen, then you can follow me on Twitter. I’ll be “tweeting” (so gay)  the entire tour.

American Speedway on Twitter HERE.

Special thanks to I’ve been getting a bunch of hits from his site lately – which is great! He has a fantastic site and you should go check it out.



  1. I miss you already Johnny!

  2. ahaha

  3. Which one of those guys are you anyways. I want you to be the one in cowboy hat.

  4. yeah, the cowboy hat wearin’ dude is me.

  5. hah

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