Posted by: puckdrawn | April 23, 2009

Third Jersey News


The Edmonton Oilers unfortunately can’t turn back the clock and put Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier in those orange-and-blue jerseys.

But retro is back, and in a big way.

The Oilers will change their home look for the 2009-10 season, playing 27 times in the orange-and-blue from their glory days. The copper-and-blue will only be worn 14 times at Rexall Place.

“The dark blue will become our third jersey, as was Todd McFarlane’s former design (blue and silver with the gears on the sweater),” said Oilers president and CEO Patrick LaForge. “The road whites will stay the same.”

Maybe the Oilers should wear the whites home and away. They were considerably more dangerous away from Rexall this past season.



  1. I can’t help and wonder about the future of the road jerseys as teams choose to shift towards wearing current thirds as primaries. I know we’ve talked about it before, but I’d like to team to actually address the issue for the long term.

  2. If these teams would stop tryin’ to get all fancy with their designs, they wouldn’t have to keep going retro. Stick with what works – and it’s NOT the Reebok look.

  3. “Reebok sucks!”
    “Europeans! eeee!”
    “Face shields!!! argh!”
    “VERTICAL PIPING!!! You’ve betrayed us all!”

    Yeah, we get it

  4. Don’t be bitter, sweetie.

  5. That’s Mr. Sweetie

  6. I think if, say just the florida panthers went to the reebok look everybody would like it but too many teams did it all at once.

    Oh, and Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! 4 down 12 to go

  7. Yea the only rbk designs I actually think were an improvement over the old design were the panthers (jerseys looked like shit in the beginning and could only be improved), capitals (not the logo the jersey design), and sharks (changing to a more retro design). You should make a poll for each team that changed their jersey design when they changed to rbk jerseys asking if we liked each teams pre-edge jerseys or current edge jerseys. I’m curious over what the results for that would be.

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