Posted by: puckdrawn | April 24, 2009

Sabres Rebrand

Another fine piece by SeanCoxTattoo. The first official entry in the NHL Logo Redesign Competition. I know this will cause some (a lot of) people in Buffalo to go ape-shit. We all know how bad they want their original logo back. I’d actually – ya know, for a goof – like to see a “slug” redesign.




  1. I like that a ton.

  2. The shading of this logo would look weird on a jersey, but it’s way better than the sheep head and slug logos.

  3. There is something about its eyes, maybe its angry that someone just cut off his head with a pair of sabres. But no, its good

  4. Just not a hockey logo…. as a fan from Buffalo it would really suck if that was our logo……No offense sean

  5. Can I ask why Nick, I’m not trying to start shit, i’m just curious why a Buffalo fan wouldn’t want that logo.

  6. Is it me or do the Sabres get the most logo redesigns? I like Sean’s concept, but still doesn’t beat out the classic Sabres logo for me.

  7. When you’re team is named after a sword, there is only so much that you can do. Buffalo did it with their original design. No matter what you’re going to have a bull and a couple of swords. That’s it, you’re done. you can change the look of the bull, buts its always going to be a bull.


  8. Well, the alternative would be to have a team name that would allow you to have any old logo you want. There’s nothing wrong with a sabre or a buffalo in a logo unless you try to change a good logo into a shitty logo. (Slug)

  9. First of all Sean, i feel its really good art, but i just don’t see it as a hockey logo.

    Second, Ryne the reason i said a Buffalo fan wouldn’t that logo is 1) all we want is the lod logo back, or a newer version 2) I don’t see it as a logo for hockey, look at all the new logos (and some old), each has a certain style, like, its like a tough logo. To me this just screams like a logo for like maybe a mini-mite hockey team. It’s just too cartoon-ish.

    (again no offense to sean, im not tryin to put down your work)

  10. Yeah, it’s tough to introduce a Sabres logo when all they want is their original classic to return.

    Sean’s logo is good. I think it’s definitely a hockey logo, but it’s impossible to do anything that’s better than the original … ESPECIALLY for Sabres fans.

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