Posted by: puckdrawn | April 28, 2009

Top 10 Annoying Jersey and Logo Design Features

Well, my Flyers have been knocked out of the playoffs by a Pittsburgh team that got lucky. As usual, I can’t watch hockey until the next round. That’s how I mourn. So, I’m miserable and now have time to focus on annoying jerseys and logos. Here’s my Top 10 Annoying Jersey and Logo Design Features list:

San Jose Sharks jersey #10 Hockey Stick in Logo
We get it … You’re a hockey team.
Los Angeles Kings jersey #9 Black Jerseys
No matter how hard you try, you’re not pullin’ off the Oakland Raiders tough uniform. Let the black die, so we can all switch to bitching about the forced “retro” circle logos.
Phoenix Coyotes jersey #8 Phoenix Coyotes
Seriously … Have they EVER gotten anything right?
Anaheim Ducks jersey #7 Wordmark Crest
It’s no surprise that the Ducks are on this list. They, like the Phoenix Coyotes, can’t get any design right. Is it so hard to come up with a crest design? Oh, and cool 1990’s swooshies, dudes.
Minnesota Wild jersey #6 Forced Retro
I got a feeling that this circle “retro” logo design will become a wide-spread disease like the black jerseys – or swine flu! I hear that the Panthers may be trotting one out next year. Sad.
Dallas Stars jersey #5 City Name on Jersey
This one really bugs me. I gotta figure that the people who decided that a city name had to be on a jersey because – you know – fans are just too damn dumb to figure out where they’re from. Do they assume that the city name wouldn’t be on the ticket, the scoreboard, on the Internet, in the newspaper, in the game-day program, etc.?? Dallas is the worst offender, but I’m also lookin’ at you, Vancouver.
Florida Panthers jersey #4 Vertical Piping
The traditionalist in me doesn’t like this design at all. I like thick horizontal stripes. I relate thick to strong and thin to weak. No need for thin stripes on a hockey jersey. It also looks more like a practice jersey than a game jersey. I like the Reebok Edge cut and style, but don’t like a lot of the design schemes that Reebok seems to be forcing on teams.
Tampa Bay Lightning jersey #3 Nicknames
Anything worse than fan-created nicknames for their team? Yes, there is … putting that nickname on a professional team jersey. I can’t imagine the Flyers having “Fly-boys” written in some lame font, angled up or down their jersey. Let’s hope this is not a trend.
Atlanta Thrashers jersey #2 Balance be damned
One of the rules of good design is balance. I guess the movers and shakers in the Thrashers’ art department forgot about that when they designed this jersey. Hey, if you hadn’t noticed you were playing a team from Atlanta, they thoughtfully placed the city name on their left sleeve. How thoughtful and terribly out of balance. Perhaps they’ll re-introduce Cooperalls and have “Thrashers” down the right pant leg.
Penguins baby blue #1. Baby Blue
Yes, I know Penguins fans think that baby blue is adorable, but you simply can not go out on the ice, play a tough sport like hockey, and wear a baby blue uniform. The Penguins will never win a cup in these things … and if they do, they will be doing some Stalin-like Photoshopping so the history books will show them as wearing black and Vegas gold! (I’m never gonna stop hammering them for this baby blue jersey! haha. All in good fun, people.)


  1. Whats wrong with the Coyotes?

  2. What’s wrong with the Coyotes? Everything.

    Not one good jersey/logo ever. Well, mostly my issues are with their logo.

    They have not been around that long, but they have had so many different logos, you’d think they broke in with Montreal.

    Maybe they should look outside of Craigslist to find a designer.

  3. criticize me for liking something thats not at least 15 years old (traditionalists always do), But the current coyotes logo and jersey (separately) are among the best in the league. The only problem is that the jersey and logo may not be the best fit for each other.

    And that Atlanta on one arm thing? Always loved it. Try something different and people hate it. I personally think its great and I love that no other team can even try it because it would be a blatant copy.

    Now tell me I suck because I am a fan of the current sabres logo.

  4. I’ll never tell anyone they suck for what logo/jersey they like. These are just MY opinions, fella.

    You certainly don’t suck for liking the Sabres current logo … You’re just in the extreme minority. Nothing wrong with that. Just don’t get attached to it because it’s on its way out.

  5. Sharks need to get rid of the orange and chest numbers, the stick I can live with.

    Florida and LA dont work because of both vertical and horizontal striping on the arms just looks stupid.

    Phoenix needs to go back to the waist stripes. Add those and it is a great jersey.

    I like the unbalanced Atlanta jersey. At least it is unique. The white jersey is awful due to the new arm stripes to make it fit the Reebok cut. The Flyers have a similar clunky look.

    Don’t mind the light blue. Quebec Nords and UCLA were (and are) using that color and I have always liked it. White, Black, Light Blue…nothing is going to make Cindy Crosby look good!

  6. Johnny’s getting in touch with his feminine side. EVERYBODY PANIC!

  7. I like the panthers rbk jerseys, better than their pre-edge ones. I wouldn’t say the coyotes have one of the best logos in the league but it’s pretty good and I’d rather them try a different native american stylized logo like their first one but ya know, good. Baby blue can only work with a darker color as the second dominant in the jersey, not white like how pittsburgh has it. Atlanta’s jerseys are unique and cool looking but it is kinda annoying to watch on the ice (not that anyone watches them in the first place). Nordiques looked pretty sweet in baby blue.

  8. I agree with 7 (But only if there is a logo underneath it [Vancouver], if it is a logo itself [Anaheim] but not in classic cases [NYR], 2, 4, 3, and 6 (If your team isn’t 50 years old, you’re not retro). But 9 is OK in some cases (I do like the LA alt’s), 8… well… they’re on the right track (At least they’re colors make sense and the logo actually looks like something (Their alternates suck though), 5 is fine, as long as it’s on away jerseys. 10 is funny, but hockey sticks have been used for a while.

  9. Yeah but the Nordiques had an awesome logo (was it supposed to be an igloo?).

    Atlanta’s jersey looks like a bad all-star jersey.

    Love the Panthers jerseys, best logo outside of those classic “untouchable” awesome ones

  10. Im not sayin that i hate the logo, i just dont get why our team has to be named after the city. I mean we were the only team in the league to use logos to show our name and city in one logo, Unique. Ever since that was gone we have went through different animals just to get back to what all the fans want. Went from a goat to a slug. Believe it or not i really liked the logo that was on the black and red sabres jerseys, the 3rd logo.

  11. *what i meant is why our LOGO has to be based on the city.

  12. Wouldnt it be awesome for colorado to wear the diques jerseys for next year(as a 3rd). Wishfull thinkin i guess, they will probably incorporate the bigfoot or something like that….

  13. Whenever i play NHL 09 against the Avs I make them wear the Nordiques jersey.

  14. HAHA I always use retro jerseys when I play NHL 09. Even for the stars I’ll use the seals, barons, or north stars. I love using the flying V vancouver jerseys. I just like seeing what I can actually never see in a real NHL game.

  15. I couldnt agree more with the #1 selection, its ridiculous, nobody looks tough in baby blue…EVER!!! it makes Crosby look EVEN MORE unmanly…and it kinda makes them look like a bunch of flamers.

  16. They’re gonna win the cup, but wearing the cool black, white&gold.

  17. These Jersey and Logo Design are looking fine

    #8 Phoenix Coyotes

    #4 Vertical Piping

  18. good description….

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