Posted by: puckdrawn | April 29, 2009

Baby Blue or NOT Baby Blue?

It’s no secret that I dislike the color baby blue (powder blue) for hockey jerseys, BUT there’s one possible monkey in the wrench: The Quebec Nordiques.

I’ve never considered the Nords jersey to be baby blue, but it’s close. However, looking for examples online is a bit difficult. There are many different shades of blue for the Nordiques jersey. Which is correct?

I don’t know my Nordiques uniform history, so it’s possible that they have played with different shades of blue over the years.

If you look at these images side by side, one thing stands out: The Penguins jersey is DEFINITELY baby blue. The Nords? Maybe not.


What do you think? Would you classify the Nords jersey as baby blue?



  1. Honestly, the Penguins jersey is no where pale enough to being considered a baby blue, and powder blue is darker than baby blue. I am very careful to differentiate between shades of colors. The powder blue of the Penguins’ jersey is even slightly different from the ice blue of the Admirals; the Admirals jersey’s blue is a bit more intense in coloration compared to the Penguins’.

  2. Way to get technical Link.

    Light blue is lame.

  3. Maybe I lost my sense to differentiate between blue and baby blue after having to watch the islanders all season and when they wore their thirds they always looked way lighter than they actually were to me. But yea, now that you compare the penguins with the nordiques jerseys side by side, the nords look like they are in the middle ground between the two colors but definitely closer to blue than baby blue. I guess you could call the nords light blue.

  4. I’ve been grabbing semi-official color swatches of team colors and I’ve been comparing them on Photoshop. If you’d like I could draw up every blue used by a current or former NHL team and show how different they are. The Nordiques’ jerseys are a pretty straight, unadulterated blue. When you look at the three photos above, the jersey appears to be three different colors. The only one that is most accurate is the one on the left. At least from what I can tell at a quick glance.

  5. Well either way, i still like the Pens jersey… But i think they should wear the lemuiex era jerseys

  6. So i’ve always wondered, is that supposed to be an igloo?

  7. I just figured it was a funky lookin’ “N”

  8. Hmm

  9. According to
    It is a red N next to a hockey stick, formed together as an igloo.
    I guess you were all right.

  10. But i still dont see the N, is it like lowercase or am i just like over analyzing it. I just dont see it. But the again i couldn’t see the Buffalo in the old sabres “goat” logo.

  11. The far left Nords jersey is too dark. It’s the light blue, same color as the Quebec provincial flag.

  12. I’m trying to eyeball it based off of the official Nordiques’ colors, I didn’t bother to do the photoshop thing

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