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On Tour

Ok, I’m officially on tour, so hockey design updates will be sparce for a week, but I WILL have the laptop and will be writing. Hopefully there’s a hotel with free wi-fi so I can update.

If you’re into rock and roll, and/or like The Meatmen, then you can follow me on Twitter. I’ll be “tweeting” (so gay)  the entire tour.

American Speedway on Twitter HERE.

Special thanks to I’ve been getting a bunch of hits from his site lately – which is great! He has a fantastic site and you should go check it out.

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Anaheim Ducks concept


UPDATE: I’ve decided to re-brand the Ducks and they are now known as the Anaheim RoadRunners. A roadrunner is much tougher than a duck and the obvious rivalry between the Phoenix Coyotes would be an instant classic. I’d like to see fans throwing anvils on the ice much like Detroit’s squid tradition.

This isn’t really a concept as much as me just having fun dorkin’ around in Illustrator. Would love to have the time to really come up with a duck head that was original, but time is limited around these parts.

The color scheme was something that I really wanted to try for a hockey team uniform. I remember a long time ago seeing a soccer jersey and LOVED the green/orange/white color scheme. I always thought that that color combo would look great on an NHL uni.

As for the blatently ripped off logo of the Smith Clay Cams bird head … there is a reason behind that. It is BAD ASS! And it is VERY Anaheim. I lived in San Diego and spent a lot of time up in the Anaheim area. The hot rod subculture is alive and well and you see that logo a lot. Since this is just a fun concept for me, I thought it was ok to take some creative license. I stripped the bird of the cigar and added the little holes to the duck bill. I think jerseys should have a meanness to them – and the Smith Clay Cams bird head is MUCH tougher than a duck foot letter “D” wordmark.

As for the jersey design – I found an old image of an LA Kings jersey from the 80’s that had great lines. It was perfect for what I had in mind.

So this is my concept design to get the NHL Logo Redesign Contest started. Don’t kill me.

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Quick Hits

Reminder: PuckDrawn’s NHL Logo Redesign Competition is on!

Played a couple of local shows this weekend and tomorrow is the start of the Meatmen tour! Like I said, updates may be hard to pull off unless I can somehow get an internet signal from my asshole in our van. Maybe one of the many Days Inn hotels will have free wi-fi!

Anyway, a semi-interesting piece over at about trademarks. Here’s the section about the NHL.


Everyone knows the NHL’s current logo, and the old logo, but here’s a logo that also floated around in the 1990’s — I don’t recall them ever officially adopting it, but it showed up on merchandise from time to time. And another oddball logo — the application says it was for “electronic transmission of news, data, graphics and audio from a central server via modem to computer terminals”. My guess is that someone thought it looked pretty cool and high-tech at the time. Here’s some more NHL logos you probably never knew existed:

St. Louis Blues

Boston Bruins

Washington Capitals

Los Angeles Kings -– I know everyone has seen this goofball, but I can’t believe he got his own trademark.

The first, unused logo of the Ottawa Senators

Here’s an odd Pittsburgh Penguins logo. I’d love to know the story behind this one. This logo isn’t an unfamiliar logo, its now part of the the Wilkes Barre Scranton Penguins logo. But what’s interesting is that the Pittsburgh Penguins registered this logo in 1989, ten years before the WBS Penguins were founded. Perhaps the Pittsburgh Penguins were considering it for themselves, registered it, then put it on the shelf and then brought it out ten years later for their minor league affiliate?

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Quick Hits

It’s gonna be busy as hell for me the next week or two since I’ll be on a little mini-tour with The Meatmen. But I’ll be bringing my laptop with me and will do my best to update the site during that time. If there’s not a blog post each day, don’t yell at me in the comments sections!

As always, I recommend you visit these sites for great sports design content – even if it’s not JUST hockey related:

The forums over at and are a fun read.

For those who think jerseys should look tough, I offer you for your heterosexual desires. And for the rest of you – who think jerseys don’t have to be tough – you can go HERE. (Ok, so these links aren’t design related. Sue me.)

Some people like to collect hockey jerseys, others hockey cards … and then there’s this guy who collects pocket schedules. Go check out his hockey section. Pretty cool cover designs. I enjoyed looking at the progression of the designs from year to year. Check out Suprfrog’s Pocket Schedule Collection HERE.

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NHL Logo Redesign Competition

The PuckDrawn NHL Logo Redesign Competition is ON!

With the help of some of you, the list of untouchable logos has been created. The post below illustrates the Top 10 logos in the NHL right now. At least “top ten” in the sense that they shouldn’t be redesigned as part of my competition!

With all of the rebrandings, alternate logos and third jerseys that have been introduced the past ten years, it seems as though the gaggle of marketing geniuses have forgotten about tradition and, you know, good design. There’s also no passion in these designs, no longevity, and it certainly feels as though they think about the fan last – if at all.  I’m wrong. They think about the fans’ money.

And then you have teams like the Anaheim Ducks. If their jersey sales have totaled 37 bucks I’d be shocked. When the Anaheim Mighty Ducks decided to drop the word “Mighty” from their name, you’d figure they’d have gotten some fan feedback about their new direction. I mean REALLY talk to the fans. I seriously doubt that a majority of them would have voted to keep the name “Ducks” AND use a duck foot as the letter “D” in their boring wordmark crest. Seriously. WTF?

I think we can do a better job. Sure, we’re not all graphic designers or work at fancy sports logo agencies, but we can come up with better concepts. And I aim to prove it.

Which brings us to …

The Contest
Redesign a better NHL team logo.

The Rules
1. The redesigned logo must NOT be one of the untouchables. Those will be immediately disqualified. (Untouchable logo list in the blog post below)
2. You only need to create the primary logo of the team (or teams) you pick, presented on their current jersey style or on a new jersey that you create that works with your new design.
3. You may create a secondary logo and wordmark if you feel that betters your presentation and chances of winning. However, they are not required.
4. You can pick as many teams as you like when doing your logo redesign. It could better your chances of winning – or it could water down your efforts.
5. Anyone is welcome to enter. From professionals to shitty amateurs.
6. Your images must be submitted as a JPG/GIF/or PNG file
7. Make sure your name is somewhere on your graphic so I can keep it all straight
8. All entries must be submitted to me before the puck is dropped on the night of the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

This is NOT sponsored by anyone other than this site … which makes NO money. SO … your prize would be a $50 gift certificate to some place to be named later. If I get a good response to this contest, I may then offer up a jersey to the winner.

(I‘m always open to sponsors offering up prizes too!)

The Winner
All entries will be uploaded to the site during the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals AS THEY COME IN. Fans of this site will vote on all of the logos during the Stanley Cup Final games and the winner will be announced the day after the Cup is hoisted! How fun is that!

If I have forgotten any rules, I will update a.s.a.p.


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Untouchable NHL logos

The NHL logo redesign competition will be rolled out very soon and one of the things that needed to be handled first was finding out which logos would make the Top 10 list. These top 10 NHL logos – voted on by you – are the untouchables. Immune from any redesign or concept. As I’ve said before, some logos just don’t need to be redesigned. So here they are…


All the rules and guidelines of the competition will be posted here by the end of the week or weekend, but here’s an overview: It’s an open competition where you can pick whichever logo you want to redesign. It can be either the primary logo alone or primary logo on a concept jersey. Up to you. No extra points for the combo, though.

I will be in on the competition too, but not eligible for the voting/prizes.

At the beginning of the Stanley Cup finals I’ll put all of the concepts up for a vote and the winner will be revealed the day after the Cup is hoisted.

The prize list (yes, you’ll win prizes!) will be announced when the official rules are released by this weekend.

Remember, the untouchables are off limits!

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New York Islanders jersey and logo history

classic-logoThe New York Islanders logo was created by an advertising executive named John Alogna from East Meadow with the NY over a silhouette of Long Island.

Roy Boe’s wife Deon attempted to design the Islanders in green and black. That was quickly tossed by the politicians on Long Island who saw Nassau County’s colors of Orange and Blue much more appropriate. The blue was of a royal blue color.

Read the whole thing here.

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Quick Hits

This guy HATES the Thrashers third jersey.

Old, but still interesting. Video of a graphic designer for the Sabres talking about their third jersey.

Canadiens jersey and logo history page HERE.


Hey, who knew Johnny Canuck was a snack maker?


And finally, I’ll be rolling out a new concept competition here this week or Monday of next week.  It’ll work like this: There are plenty of really bad logos in the league that need a major overhaul – or a re-imagining. Some logos are untouchable and will not be part of the re-design pool.  I know it’s a little vague now, but I’m working on all the rules, details, graphics and untouchables list as we speak … stay tuned.

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Untouchable NHL Logos

Very soon I will be rolling out an NHL logo redesign competition. The rules and all the info will be coming soon, but before that, I have to get some preliminaries out of the way.

One of those is determining which 10 out of the 30 NHL logos should NOT be part of the redesign competition. Not all logos need to be redesigned. … You’re gonna come up with something better for the Montreal Canadiens or Detroit Red Wings? Gimme a break.

These top ten logos will be known as the untouchables.

This competition is for each team’s primary logo. They can do whatever the hell they want with their alternate logo for all I care!

So check out the images below and take the survey. Pick whichever logos you think should be untouchable. The top 10 will be excluded from the competition.

Take the survey HERE.


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Pittsburgh Penguins logo and jersey history

Penguins Logo History has a really interesting article on the history of the Penguins logo. I can see how a team would go with a name like “Penguins” today – what, with all the sissification and marketing of the sport. But back in the 60’s, it must have been almost a crime in hockey to consider that as a team name.

My favorite quote of the piece:

Gessner was paid $1,500 to design six potential versions of a logo that were presented to Penguins owners.

“How can you make a penguin look mean?” bemoaned Gessner. “They are slow, small and awkward.”

hornetslogo1Interesting to read that adopting Pittsburgh’s AHL team name, the Hornets, was considered. Though the name sounds better than “Penguins”, I’m not so sure the logo would hold up over the years. Have you ever seen a good Hornets logo? Charlotte Hornets? I don’t think so.

All things considered, the Penguins logo is now iconic and I can’t see them changing it again any time soon. I don’t really know what they were thinking in the 90’s when they decided to use that flat “corporate” looking Penguin. I’m curious to know what you Pittsburgh Penguins fans thought about it at the time.

Anyway, this is a really good article, so go read it! | Full article here

. . . . . .

Penguins Jersey History


See, there IS a way to incorporate light blue into a Penguins jersey and NOT have it look all queer!

Very cool feature on the jersey history of the Pittsburgh Penguins over at

I understand why their team colors are black and gold, but they really would have a better looking jersey if they stuck with the darker blue as the primary color with light blue and white accents. (MY opinion alert).

Check out the feature here.

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