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  1. Hey thats Me! LOL

  2. Those Huskies jerseys are sharp, I’d love to own a jersey like that.

    As a Preds fan I don’t know how I feel about that concept logo. What I do like is that you (Mike) tried to work with some different colors. I’m not a huge fan of navy and gold. I’d love to see that logo on a jersey design so that it is in perspective.

    Overall, really sharp looking concepts.

  3. a simple concept gallery where the images are nice and big – what a ‘concept’… I am really liking this site.

  4. I absolutely love those St. Louis Archers jerseys.

  5. thanks Ryne, glad you like them. I appreciate the feedback.

  6. By the way, it blows my mind that no team in St. Louis has come up with the name Archers, its so easy. Maybe too easy?

  7. My favorite out of all these so far would be the Kings concept design.

  8. The Edmonton Kodiak gives me nightmares.

  9. mike ivall,

    what program are you using for these?

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