Posted by: puckdrawn | April 12, 2009

Untouchable NHL Logos

Very soon I will be rolling out an NHL logo redesign competition. The rules and all the info will be coming soon, but before that, I have to get some preliminaries out of the way.

One of those is determining which 10 out of the 30 NHL logos should NOT be part of the redesign competition. Not all logos need to be redesigned. … You’re gonna come up with something better for the Montreal Canadiens or Detroit Red Wings? Gimme a break.

These top ten logos will be known as the untouchables.

This competition is for each team’s primary logo. They can do whatever the hell they want with their alternate logo for all I care!

So check out the images below and take the survey. Pick whichever logos you think should be untouchable. The top 10 will be excluded from the competition.

Take the survey HERE.



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